Sturgis Rally Riders, Book 2 – Whipped Puppy (the Edge Series)
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 20, 2012 - 12:45:33 PM

Sturgis, South Dakota hosts the largest motorcycle rally in the world.  For one week each year bikers, tattoo artists, vendors, and other fans of the motorcycle lifestyle descend on the town and the results are as wild as the people are varied.


Katalina Ferth is well aware that Sturgis has very little to offer for those used to sensual entertainment.  There certainly aren’t any sex clubs catering to those who enjoy whips and control.  Katalina resigns herself to a few days full of chumming around with her friends but then she spots a young man in the crowd who looks decidedly out of place – like a lost puppy looking for his master… or mistress as the case may be.

John is in Sturgis with his band so when Katalina offers to be his Mistress for the moment he’s forced to say no despite his longing to do just the opposite.    Despite his inexperience with the BDSM lifestyle, John desires a Mistress and instinctively knows that Katalina has all the traits he wants in the woman who will ‘master’ him. 


Even though John is unable to follow Katalina right away he does request a rain check and she agrees.  After his band’s finished on the stage he’ll have a half hour to make it to her rental house or their ‘date’ is off.  After completing his set, in which he sings a song guaranteed to show her his desire to submit to her every whim, he quickly puts away his equipment and rushes to meet her.  It’s obvious that John is new to being submissive and isn’t entirely comfortable with all the aspects of it, he’s certainly not opposed to exploring the possibilities – within reason of course – after all, safe, sane and consensual is the BDSM motto.  Will Katalina be willing to keep her WHIPPED PUPPY after the motorcycle rally is over?


At first I wasn’t sure if I’d like this title or not because I saw the title as demeaning but as I read I realized that the term is actually an endearment.  There are definitely sparks flying between Katalina and John from the moment they meet and I love that she seems to be willing to relax some of her stringent demands and soften her heart toward him.  Realistically this relationship could have happened anywhere but because it’s set at the motorcycle rally there’s an added tension that grabs your attention simply because of preconceived notions most people have about bikers.  WHIPPED PUPPY by L.C. Dean is a short hot story that gets your pulse pounding at the same time it steals your heart. 


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