By Sarah W
Feb 1, 2009 - 5:30:17 PM

Ethan Tierney is a famous erotic artist. He is wealthy, sexy, has a fabulous body, and he is a Dominant in the world of BDSM. Kiki Dion has arrived at his Santa Fe home, Curtis House, with the intent of fulfilling some of her own voyeuristic fantasies. But she does not want to become involved in any of Ethan’s BDSM games. Ethan has other ideas however. From the moment he lays eyes on Kiki, Ethan wants to claim her as his sub. Their first encounter is passionate and all-consuming, but Kiki bolts when she thinks Ethan is filming her.

Ethan is not going to let Kiki go so easily. After calming some of her fears, they enter into a D/s relationship only to realize that something else truly is going on at Curtis House; it is just not what Kiki thought it was. There are two other lost souls in the house, ghosts of a husband and wife who died in 1913, and those ghosts need Ethan and Kiki’s help to find peace with each other once again. Ethan and Kiki already have a stormy relationship, adding two ghosts to the mix could help or hinder their burgeoning relationship. What will happen as Ethan awakens more of Kiki’s desires, and more of the ghosts’ unrest?


SUBMISSION is scintillation and heat wrapped up in an engaging story. Ethan and Kiki bond instantly in some ways but in others ways, the trust is slow to build between them. Kiki has to learn to let go of many of her inhibitions to truly live in Ethan’s world, just as Ethan has to realize that Kiki is nothing like any of the women he has been with before. There are rocky moments in their relationship, particularly because Ethan wants to ignore one of Kiki’s main desires. The added romance of the ghosts adds another layer of simmering sexual tension. You will want both of these couples to get their happily-ever-after, I guarantee it! Cherie Feather takes desire and submission to new levels of heat and eroticism in her new book. Ethan and Kiki have quite the story to tell.

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