Submissive Games (Collection)
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 30, 2010 - 12:32:30 PM


Annie isn’t at all thrilled with the prospect of her widowed Aunt Ellen staying with her for a few days.  It’ll completely ruin the plans she has with her boyfriend and Dom, Mark.  Mark’s suggestion that his old friend John Kent join them - make it a foursome, so to speak - has her a bit panicky.  John’s an intense Dom and Annie’s certain the evening will be a disaster.   

Against his better judgment John agrees to join the trio but he was expecting Annie’s aunt to a much older woman and certainly wasn’t expecting her to be an alluring young widow.  And that isn’t all… she’s submissive and absolutely perfect for him.  John’s determined to reunite Ellen with the part of herself she’s missed since her husband’s death and show her that he is the Dom for her.


I have to confess I got a real chuckle out of this story.  The whole idea of Aunt Ellen being old and matronly couldn’t be more wrong but it’s the impression you get of her – at first.  John and Ellen are ‘older’ but they aren’t ancient and their age certainly doesn’t take away from the enjoyment they find in their BDSM activities.  If anything it adds to it since they have a better understanding of themselves and their needs and can be honest about them.  POWER GAMES is a fun sexy story that proves there’s no expiration date on BDSM love and games.




Actor Tom Baldwin has a full life and isn’t interested in dating a woman who’ll eventually want more.  He has all the woman he needs in Mistress Claudine.  Of course that’s a secret ‘relationship’ because he certainly can’t have it getting out that the nation’s heartthrob is a sexual submissive.


Claudine Wallace is a professional Dominatrix and she takes that role very seriously.  There are lines that are never crossed, though she does make sure that the men who come to see her do leave well satisfied thanks to whatever implements she uses on them. 


Tom has been putting off his friend Baz’s hints about hooking Tom up with one of his sisters – a girl Tom’s never even met.  The idea has no appeal but since Baz didn’t bring it up over dinner he’s not going to worry about it overmuch.  When he goes to see Claudine at their appointed time however he does mention it just during the course of the conversation – before the ‘main event’ gets started.  As always Claudine works him over good and he’s more convinced than ever that she’s everything he’s ever wanted in a woman.


SUBMISSIVE GAMES is a lighthearted, somewhat stunning but always sexy tale of a Dominatrix and a male submissive.  Madeleine Oh delivers plenty of sexually charged scenes but they’re infused with her trademark humor and there’s even a heart stopping scene that pulls at the readers’ heartstrings as you realize just how precarious life truly can be. 




Despite her mother’s wishes Jenny Everly doesn’t have any interest in hooking up with her longtime friend Tom.  Their parents practically had the wedding announcements made out since Tom and Jenny were in nappies.  However, Tom’s sexual tastes are quite a bit different than Jenny’s and because of that alone they’re incompatible.


Since Jenny’s mother refuses to accept that Jenny and Tom are never going to become a couple she pushes them together every chance she gets.  The Baldwin’s Ruby Wedding celebration provides the perfect excuse to throw the ‘kids’ together but it isn’t Tom that Jenny’s got her eye on – it’s Tom’s friend Basil ‘Baz’ Wallace.


SEXY GAMES is told with a decidedly British flare that makes the entire storyline appealing in a unique way.  There’s something very sexy in the English accent that I find appealing and with the sorts of games Jenny and Baz are playing it’s highly arousing.  Madeleine Oh brings these characters to life so that readers are able to care about them and revel in their sexual exploits.




Ian Bennett has set his sights on wooing Miss Julie to his bed but so far she isn’t taking the bait.  Not even a box of expensive handmade chocolates delivered by courier seems to sway her.  He met her at a wedding and has been obsessing over her ever since.


Julie Youngman definitely fantasizes about a strong Dominant man but she’s not convinced that Ian is the man for her.  She isn’t interested in hooking up with a man who’s nothing more than a lay about and lives off his father’s money. 


It’s been three years since Julie’s had a man in her life and that experience didn’t exactly end well.  Still there’s something about Ian that is enticing.  When he shows up at Heather’s House where she’s reading her latest Alexander Augustus misadventure to the children she discovers that there’s more to the man than she thought.


In SUBMISSIVE GAMES readers are treated to an unforgettable couple at the very beginning of their relationship.  Julie and Ian play off each other beautifully and I couldn’t help but smile at how they discover that they’re so compatible sexually.  Ms. Oh delves into the various aspects of BDSM and allows readers to see that no act performed between consenting couples is wrong.


The anthology SUBMISSIVE GAMES is a combination of four previously released titles all conveniently combined into one download.  Each story can easily be read alone but once you start reading you’ll find yourself unable to stop at just one. 


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