Submissive Passion
By Tracy Marsac
Dec 22, 2003 - 10:04:00 AM

John has been in several relationships and has discovered his sexual preferences lean toward domination.  While this realization fires his blood, it still leaves him without a partner to fulfill his lascivious desires.  Until he meets Maggie.  Little clues have him hoping he's finally found someone he can unleash his power on, a slave to play opposite his role as master.  A weekend retreat will give him the opportunity he's been waiting for--a chance to break through her insecurities and awaken her to new erotic delights.

The unwanted advances of past employers have forced Maggie to hide her beauty.  And until she is introduced to John, she was resigned to covering her curves.  Something buried inside her reaches for him, an aspect of her character only he can free.  Bending her will to this man will open a whole new world of sensual pleasure.  They are in for a few surprises though as they discover both are slaves when it comes to their love for each other.

Every page in Mlyn Hurn's SUBMISSIVE PASSION is filled with sensuality as John and Maggie explore new depths of their relationship.  Their journey must be paved with plenty of trust in order for them to have a happy ending, and that is exactly where Ms. Hurn takes you.  I especially liked when Maggie turned the tables on the unsuspecting John, the outcome of which left them both very satisfied.  Definitely an enjoyable read!

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