Submissive with Benefits
By Nickie Langdon
Aug 1, 2009 - 6:37:29 PM

Determination is the name of the game. Royce wants Anabel and Anabel fantasies about Royce. But is it possible for the two friends to come together as Dominant and submissive?

Royce Devon wants Anabel in his life but on his terms. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep the riffraff from making plays for her.


Anabel has a secret desire to be dominated by a man. She dreams about him at night but she won’t follow through with an admission of the truth during the day.


Royce sees a co-worker make a move on Anabel one day at lunch. Her refusals seem to fall on deaf ears; at least until Royce arrives and makes sure the other man knows that Anabel isn’t available – now or ever.


The conversation afterward heats up. The one with her boss, Monika, later that afternoon is something she never expected. The other woman tells Anabel that it’s well known she and Royce have a thing for one another even if it’s unspoken. Then she makes the ultimate demand. Anabel is to get herself to Royce’s office and tell him how she feels. No excuse is accepted.


Anabel can’t bring herself to be forthcoming in her pseudo admission to Royce. But never mind, he sees her for who and what she is and reads between the lines. He tells her they’re going to dinner and there will be no argument.


The evening is an eye-opener for Anabel. Royce gives her a taste of what he expects from a woman. The state of submissiveness is not what she expected. Everywhere except the bedroom, they’re equals. Once that bedroom door is closed, all bets are off and she does whatever he demands of her.


Is Anabel willing to become the woman Royce wants and needs? And is he willing to take his time with her, teach her what he wants and show her how much she’ll love it?


When you open a Reese Gabriel story you know you’re going to be entertained. I loved the cat and mouse game these two played. The fact that they were friends first gave the story an appeal I found delightful. Anabel isn’t one to stand aside and let someone roll over her. By the same token, she’s not about to pass up the greatest thing that’s ever happened to her. Or is she? Will one night be enough? When she goes home early the next day and he goes after her, will she allow him inside her apartment? Inside her life?


Kudos go to Mr. Gabriel for such a wonderful warm and funny read. The secondary characters in this story are fantastic. Monika is a woman unto herself. Her friends Staci and Favio are perfect. Favio makes it quite clear that if Anabel doesn’t want Royce, he does.


SUBMISSIVE WITH BENEFITS is a must read. It was over way too soon and is definitely going onto the keeper shelf for a re-read at some point. Elements of BDSM are used in the story, but they’re used with love rather than violence. Enjoy!

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