Author: Pamela Redmond Satran

Publisher: Downtown Press

Release Date: May 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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Stella couldn't believe how one day could change her perfect world into spiraling events of bad luck.  Wasn't it bad enough that her movie star status brought out reporters, flashing cameras, fans and people for miles around to her mother's funeral?  They are looking for the chance of getting close to her or snapping the perfect grieving photo to sell to the tabloids.

All she wants to do is make it through the funeral without breaking down in front of the entire world.  After the funeral she'll head back to her mother's home and try to pick up all the pieces, dealing with the devastating emotions, figuring out what she needs to do or has to do for that matter.

On top of everything, Stella reads in the tabloids that her rock star hubby Eddie Skinner appears to have a new woman in his life...Stella's nanny of all people!  Could her day be any worse?

Sure it could!  When Stella files for a divorce her bank account is frozen and she has only what she considers pocket change, so she's going to have to stick around her hometown until her money is free and clear.  Hopefully soon Stella will be able to go back to LA.

Idaho, Stella's daughter, has fallen in love with Homewood, New Jersey.  When Stella feels she can't take one more day staying in Homewood and wants to leave, Idaho is having no part of it.  The only good thing that has happened since she returned was reconnecting with her childhood friend, Mary Jean. 

Maybe leaving New Jersey is a hasty decision.  Stella decides to tough it out for a little while longer, and meets Henry.  But is he a rebound, or could she really feel this deeply for a man so soon?  Henry couldn't be a rebound, Stella was sure of it because she hasn't felt this alive in a long time. 

It has to be more than just sexal attraction, right?  She hops so, but then she starts hearing stories about Henry that are hard to believe.  It had to be another person they were talking about, not her Henry.  Will his true colors shine through before Stella makes a huge mistake or worse, ends up on the national news?

Ms. Satran takes you inside the private movie-star lifestyle; giving the reader a sneak peek of being famous.  She intertwines Stella's smalltown roots with a good dose of life's lessons and you don't even realize you're holding onto the roller coaster ride of being a single mom, movie star, entering small town politics, and exactly how far a true friend will go.

The secondary characters we're introduced to in SUBURBANISTAS are just as big in life as the main characters and you can't help but root for Stella and Mary Jean when they're faced with real family issues.  They test their friendship at times though.  Will their friendship stand strong; strong enough to face any challenge?  You'll have to read SUBURBANISTAS to find out!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kimberly Leslie

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