Such a Pretty Face

Author: Cathy Lamb

Publisher: Kensington

Release Date: July 27, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Stevie Barrett has not had an easy life and it has led to some tough decisions. After eating her problems away for most of her life, Stevie had a heart attack when she was thirty-two years old. Now, two and a half years later and 170 pounds lighter, Stevie is doing her best to truly live. She plants a garden, refurbishes chairs until they are works of art, and has a mad crush on her neighbor, Jake. But Stevie’s life is far from perfect, even with much of her physical weight gone. Stevie suffers from night terrors, from a past that will not relent. How can she move forward when the past still has a grip on her?

SUCH A PRETTY FACE is an engrossing story. Flashbacks of Stevie’s past, combined with her present, make for emotional, heart wrenching, and humorous reading. There is a romance in this book, and it is a sweet one. Jake is a gem of a man and it is clear on every page that he adores Stevie. But there is so much more going on in this story and it is Stevie’s quest to understand her past, plus to understand her mother’s and sister’s deaths, which add depth and vigor to this story. I enjoyed watching Stevie blossom, just as I felt she needed the pitfalls that life threw at her. She evolved constantly on the page and I was impressed by how she kept taking steps forward, even if it seemed like a step back would have been the easier option.
Cathy Lamb’s writing and character building shines in SUCH A PRETTY FACE. There is so much below the surface of this book. It is not a story about a woman losing weight and trying to live life once again. This is the story of a woman taking the life she has and making it into what she wants, once and for all. It is utterly lovely.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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