Sudden Pleasures

Author: Bertrice Small

Publisher: New American Library

Release Date: June 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Ashley Kimbrough is content with her life.  She is independently wealthy and owns her own business.   Satisfied with how her life is headed, she doesn’t expect marriage to happen to her.  Plus, she has The Channel, a clandestine women’s-only cable network that caters to the fantasies of its viewers; so, her sex life is exceedingly fulfilling, as well.  She has no interest in meeting men for marriage, until she meets with her advisors and is told the devastating news that her inheritance is in jeopardy unless she finds a husband.  Completely thrown off guard, Ashley has no idea what she is going to do or how she is going to fulfill the terms of her meddling grandfather’s will.  Enter Ryan Mulcahy, who has an agenda all of his own.

Businessman and workaholic, Ryan Mulcahy finds himself in a similar predicament due to his father’s will.  It seems that in order to inherit and be in control of the company Ryan has made successful, he must find a wife by the time he is forty or his company will be sold and his sisters will benefit from the sale.  Since Ryan’s business acumen is the reason why the family company has been successful, he refuses to allow his sisters to reap what he has sown.  Calling upon his lawyer, Ray, Ryan and he discuss his options and it seems that Ray has a cousin whose client is in the same boat as Ryan.  One phone call later and the lawyers have set up a meeting between Ryan and Ashley Kimbrough to discuss the details of their “marriage of convenience”.  


I remember buying and reading books written by Bertrice Small when I was in college.  Every book of hers I have read contained explicit and completely steamy love scenes where there were strong heroines and even stronger heroes.  SUDDEN PLEASURES, while not a historical, is no less sensual and awe inspiring.  Full of emotions and unruly feelings between Ryan and Ashley, I set in for an entertaining read - I got that and more.  I loved how the characters started their marriage so nonchalantly thinking they would be able to contain themselves and not find love in their lives together.  Ms. Small writes every character realistically and with realistic faults.  


SUDDEN PLEASURES is the third book in Ms. Small’s contemporary erotica Pleasures series, I recommend wholeheartedly reading the first two installments for enjoyment; but it is not necessary to enjoy this novel to the fullest.  I am still and will always remain a faithful Bertrice Small fangirl.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith

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