Suddenly Last Summer

Author: Sarah Morgan

Publisher: HQN

Release Date: June 24, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Élise Philippe is very proud of her new career as Chef at the Snow Crystal Resort, working with the O'Neil family. They have become a family to her and she feels fortunate to have escaped Paris with this family supporting her. When eighty-year-old Walter collapses at her feet after working on a deck with her, she is distraught. Her nerves are shot and she just wants him to be okay. She is grateful to see Sean O'Neil has arrived from the city to make sure his grandfather will get better, even if it means confronting the one night stand Élise and Sean had last summer.

Sean dreads coming back to the Snow Crystal Resort. He longed to escape as a young man and now that he is a successful doctor, he visits as infrequently as possible. His grandfather's collapse is another matter entirely and though he believes he is causing Walter even more stress by staying, Sean agrees to remain at Snow Crystal for a short while. He tries to convince himself it has nothing to do with the chemistry that still lingers between him and Élise. Sean knows she is not looking for a serious relationship and he certainly is not either. But can these two adults, who are hiding a wealth of emotions behind their controlled facades, keep emotion out of the bedroom?

SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER has magic on the pages! Élise and Sean are complex and private people who do not give in to emotions easily. Élise has been hurt badly in the past. Reading about her backstory was heart breaking and it gives valuable insights into why Élise refuses to fall in love again. Sean too has had his share of heart break, though perhaps not of the romantic variety. He has a complicated past with his family and views Snow Crystal Resort as heavy baggage he wants to forget. What Élise sees as a remarkable and wonderful family business, Sean wants nothing to do with. They are not a match made in heaven but the chemistry between them proves otherwise. If I had only one word to describe the romance between Élise and Sean, it would be visceral. I felt it on every page as they danced around their feelings for each other, as they hid their pasts, and gradually, let each other in. Sarah Morgan's writing is top-notch and adds layers of delight to the story. From the interactions between Sean and his brothers, to Élise's wonderful food creations, to Walter's grumpiness and discontent, this is a family that feels like your very own.

SUDDENLY LAST SUMMER is the kind of book you just cannot put down. It may sound cliché, but Sarah Morgan imbues her characters and even the setting, with a wonderful, fully fleshed out reading experience. As a great benefit, this is a book you can jump right into! It is the second O'Neil Brothers book but it stands perfectly well alone. Of course, now I really do want to go back and read the first one (nicely played Ms. Morgan!). This is that rare reading experience where everything melds into a truly original story.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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