Suddenly Psychic
By Dottie
May 23, 2008 - 11:39:44 AM

When Amber, a door-to-door cleaning supplies salesperson, agrees to accompany her best friend Tanya to Blackpool for the weekend, she has no idea what she is getting into.  After being thrown out of a psychic’s tent for being flippant, Amber jokingly claims to be a psychic and people believe her.  Because of this, Tanya dares Amber to start charging for reading palms, and Amber cannot pass up the challenge.  Besides, she is attracted to Harvey and thinks that, maybe, this will impress him.  She has been trying to turn a friendship into something for keeps.

Harvey, a scientist and inventor, works at House of Innovations.  He does not believe in psychics and is not very supportive when Amber tells him what she is going to do.  As far as he is concerned, everything can be proven by science, unlike the hocus pocus stuff in which Amber is involved.  He has been attracted to Amber for some time, but is not sure how she feels.  Therefore, when Amber makes the first move, he is very happy to take their relationship to the next level.  


Finding that The Rowan Tree, a mystic shop, needs a new psychic, Amber jumps at the opportunity.  Using logic and common sense, she performs readings for her new customers.  When she starts developing physical changes, she becomes concerned.  Her feet, hands and nose suddenly grow bigger.  Her face is breaking out and her hair is longer and thicker than ever before.  She really worries when a coarse hair grows out of her chin.  Then she remembers teasing Harvey that she will become a full-fledged witch.  She starts wondering if, by predicting things, she is making them come true.  Thinking back on her most recent predictions, she realizes how successful she has been.  Is it possible she really has psychic ability?  Could her uncanny ability have something to do with the psychic she ridiculed?  Unable to share these latest developments with the love of her life, will her obsession come between her and Harvey? 


SUDDENLY PSYCHIC is an imaginative, mystical romance.  This magical, fun and mysterious tale is sure to be a source of entertainment to readers of many genres.  Readers will share Amber’s bewilderment as she starts undergoing her many physical changes.  I recommend SUDDENLY PSYCHIC to readers who enjoy unusual romance stories.

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