Suddenly Royal
By Michele Rioli
Apr 25, 2014 - 9:22:56 AM

Samantha Rousseau, a striking, smart, sassy lady, who is working on a master’s in wildlife biology, has no stinking clue that life as she knows it will take a sudden U-turn. She loves her life as it is. With an excellent teaching job at a university, along with her volunteer work with raptors, life couldn’t be more perfect. She shares an apartment with her best friend, Jessie, and her fiancé, Bert. She squeezes time into her busy schedule to help take care of her dad who has cancer. Then, out-of-the-blue, a prince shows up at the campus. A real life crown prince, for Pete’s sake! When, a nervy man requests that she meet with Duchess Rose Sverelle at a swanky hotel downtown, her whip-smart antennae goes on high alert. Whatever is going on?

Alex D’Lynsal, Crown Prince of Lilaria, along with his aunt, Duchess Rose Sverelle, is awaiting the arrival of Samantha Rousseau at the Parallel restaurant to impart profound news to her, which will enlarge her once compact neat little world. Upon meeting her, Alex is taken aback by her spirited manner and sexiness. What have we here? Samantha feels immediate sparks of attraction to Prince Gorgeous herself! She is dumbfounded, to say the least, after she learns that she is an heir to an estate in a foreign country! What the heck?!

Royal ancestors, family secrets and a ravishing romance rock Samantha’s world to its core. How does she cope with it all? Does she run and hide? Does she tell everyone to back off, especially Alex? Or does she grab the bull by the horns? Knowing Samantha, she will come out swinging!

Come on a fabulous ride of life changing experiences, scandalous headlines and swooning women with Alex and Samantha as they deal with royal protocol, romantic gaffes and annoying paparazzi. SUDDENLY ROYAL is a nifty, fresh twist on princess fairy tales. When Samantha Rousseau suddenly finds out she is from royal ancestry, her world turns upside down overnight! The author, Ms. Chase, cleverly handles a comical, enthralling, smart romantic/royal adventure. The characters have depth with their own unique quirks, which sets this story apart from the usual fare. Ms. Chase has a gift for concocting exasperating scenarios and witty one-liners, which garners genuine laughs as Samantha learns to adapt to her new life of dealing with the paparazzi. Why anyone would be interested in her is overwhelming. The story also contains a serious, sensitive side as Samantha’s dad deals with cancer. The story has a lovely human factor as I was brought to tears a couple of times over the cancer treatments he endures. Nichole Chase is one smart lady because she delivers a story that has it all; compassion, seduction, empowerment and heady emotion. SUDDENLY ROYAL is one to treasure! Heartbreaking, enchanting and undeniably irresistible!  

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