Suffering Jordan
By Deborah Kimpton
Sep 7, 2007 - 7:06:00 AM

SUFFERING JORDAN sees the return of DJ Manly characters, Amanda and Chase; Mistress and Servant in every sense of the words. Amanda is a woman looking for pleasure and she’ll go to any lengths to ensure she gets it. Chase is her puppet on a string, performing with men for Amanda’s total fulfilment. She’s a woman with money and influence and she knows how to use them to her utmost satisfaction. In the aftermath of her estranged father’s death, Amanda brings her half brother to her home. Can fences really be mended? Or will another man in her life bring more trouble?

Chase felt as though his life was finally on course. Sleeping with men for Amanda’s pleasure was helping fund his way towards a successful career. But with the tragic death of a close friend, Chase finds his life turned upside down. Unable to move forward, Chase finds his life at an utter stand still. That is, until Amanda’s half brother turns up. He’s a man with a past and a gorgeous body to match. However, it seems that the attraction is far from mutual. Can Chase fight his feelings for the man who so obviously disapproves of him and try to get his life back on track, all at the same time?  


SUFFERING JORDAN is an ideal read for those who enjoy emotionally charged stories, with the added ingredient of hot, adventurous sex. Though the sex scenes are intricately descriptive and an insight into Amanda’s character, it is the raw, masculine magnetism that stands out in this story. From the moment that Chase first sees Jordan , up until the last line of the tale, male hormones seem to engulf the reader. Chase is an easy character for the reader to identify with. His sensitivity, his attraction to Jordan and his despair are all so excellently conveyed by the author, that it is hard not to place ourselves in his shoes. New to Manly? New to M/M themed tales? Then use SUFFERING JORDAN as your starting point. You won’t be disappointed.

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