Sugar Daddy

Author: Lisa Kleypas

Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

Release Date: March 6, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Liberty Jones loves her mama, she loves her younger sister, Carrington, and she loves the bad boy of Welcome, Texas, Hardy Cates, but she still has dreams of finally getting away from Welcome and doing something grander with her life. Hardy has plans of his own and does not plan to let his desire for Liberty stop him from making a name for himself. When he finally leaves Welcome, Liberty is heartbroken, but also understanding. She knows he is a man who will go places if given the opportunity. In the meantime, Liberty has her own situation to deal with.

With the death of her mother, Liberty becomes an almost mother to Carrington. Now that she has a young child relying on her, Liberty knows it is time to finally make something of herself, to finally leave Welcome. It is not easy, but there are people out there willing to help if she is willing to allow it. A mysterious and wealthy man takes a special interest in Liberty, but it is his son that Liberty cannot get her mind off. But her heart still yearns for Hardy, and with the future still so uncertain, Liberty has to pull herself together and finally take her dreams to new heights.


Written in the first person, Lisa Kleypas’ move from historical to contemporary romance is a rousing success! Liberty is the kind of protagonist readers will easily commiserate with, will cherish, and will root for on every page. Though life has thrown her many obstacles and much heartache, Liberty still does her best to make life a splendid and fulfilling adventure. She has a heart of gold and even in the most terrible circumstances, manages to see the positive in a situation. But she is not naïve, oh no, she definitely understands the dangers that surround her at any given time. Liberty has a special relationship with each of the characters in this book and you will find yourself wondering, what man, what wonderful, sexy man will she choose? There is certainly no easy answer, as Ms. Kleypas points out time and time again in the story, but there is a right answer for Liberty.


SUGAR DADDY is powerful emotions, rollicking laughs, and genuine reading pleasure.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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