Sugarplum: Bound for Christmas
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 30, 2010 - 12:23:41 PM

Jenny believes she’s got the perfect Christmas gift for her husband and Dom, Greg.  She’s spent the better part of the day preparing Luke and finished him off by restraining him against the wall with little more than a few red ribbons.  Then she dressed herself in a red satin teddy and her black velvet collar in anticipation of Greg’s return home.

When Greg walks in the door he’s pleasantly surprised by the gifts awaiting him.  Sure, Jenny is his submissive but the care she takes in her presentation and the thoughtful gift still chained to the wall tops the gift he’s bought for her.  Luke is perfect.  Shaved from the neck down and eagerly anticipates anything Greg decides to do to or with him tonight – and maybe if he’s lucky even longer.

Luke has been friends with Jen for months but it wasn’t until he’d seen Greg’s love bites on her neck that she’d learned about his desire.  It hadn’t taken her long to realize that Luke could be exactly Greg’s type and she can’t deny that she would enjoy playing with him as well.  The only question left is can Luke handle everything Greg dishes out or will Greg’s intensity scare him off? 


BOUND FOR CHRISTMAS by S. Michael is the thirteenth title in Changeling Press’s SUGARPLUM collection.  This title is scorching hot and thrusts the reader right into a BDSM scene right away.  Jenny and Greg’s love for each other is obvious and it’s apparent that there is a connection between all three of the characters very early on.  Sexual attraction and desire is one thing but there’s an emotional need that readers can sense through Luke’s actions that made me smile because it was obvious Jenny and Greg see it too.  BOUND FOR CHRISTMAS reinforces the pleasure in both giving and receiving gifts at Christmastime.

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