Suite Seventeen
By Lacey
Dec 5, 2007 - 9:25:23 AM

Annie Conroy is a forty-something widow that decides to make some changes in her life. Upon arriving at the Waverly Grange Country Hotel she meets Maria, a woman that introduces her to the lifestyle of erotic masters and their submissives. But Annie’s fun was only beginning.

While on a date with Charles, a man she met at a bar, Annie meets Valentino, gorgeous male that happens to own the Waverly and dresses as a woman. Valentino is an exotic master, both playful and stern, and takes an interest in Annie. He shows the pleasures of suite seventeen at the Waverly Hotel to Annie, demonstrating what his world is about, giving her the pleasure she longs for.

But the Waverly’s future is in trouble and Annie has the means and the money to save it. Can she dare take a gamble on the mysteriously controlling master and save the hotel without giving him her heart?

My first thought after finishing this novel was wow. Portia da Costa created a tale full of lust and desire and hot erotic sex scenes that introduce the reader to Annie and Valentino’s world of dominance and submission. Annie is a character looking for change from the same old things in life and finds it in the mysterious Valentino. The plot is well developed and creative, giving something new to the erotic genre. I enjoyed this story greatly.

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