Sully's Heart
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 4, 2008 - 4:45:14 AM

Luke Cantrall has it all - a career as a rock singer, plenty of cash and men and women willing to cater to his sexual desires.   What most people don’t realize is that his carefree party appearance is all a smokescreen.   He uses sex, drugs and alcohol just to help him ease the pain and loneliness of being parted from Sully - a childhood friend and the only man he’s ever truly loved.

Sullivan ‘Sully’ Vance is a west Texas golden boy and heir to a huge quarter horse ranch.   Luke and Sully may have been from different sides of the track but they did everything together until Luke packed up and left his dad’s dirt farm seven years ago.


Luke doesn’t realize how much of a downhill spiral he’s on until one night after the concert and bedding a couple of a couple fans.   He’s shocked when the male part of the duo he’d spent a pleasurable evening performing for calls him on it.   The man knows that for Luke it was all a pretense - something to prove to his adoring fans that he’s a ‘stud.’   Luke needs more, and this man is more than determined to take control and show Luke exactly what he’s missing.  


Afterward Luke’s in a state of shock and disgusted with the way he’s let his life get so out of control.   The man Luke knows as Joe not only awakened his body in a way he’s never experienced but he also left a business card that will effectively lead to Luke making some major changes in his life.   One of them is to return to west Texas to confront his demons and fears and maybe even discover if there’s any possibility that Sully returns his feelings.


Adrianna Dane has quickly become one of my favorite authors because of her heartfelt storylines and memorable characters.   In SULLY’S HEART readers are treated to an inside look at what drives Luke to behave in such a self-destructive manner and what it takes to save him. This story really hits home because of so many of today’s out of control celebrities making headlines with their outlandish antics.   I love how Luke makes the decision to save himself and seek help - through a most unlikely source.   Sully may be a major player in the storyline but he doesn’t enter into the scenes until about half way through the book.   Most of the focus is on Luke and his very unorthodox ‘treatment program’ and eventual self acceptance.   I really enjoyed the intensity of this storyline and quickly read through the whole book just because I had to know how things turn out between Luke and Sully.  

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