Summer Days

Author: Susan Mallery

Publisher: HQN Books

Release Date: May 29, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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Rafe Stryker never wanted to come back to Fools Gold, California. He has no fond memories of the town he grew up in, where his family was the kind people pitied, that people gave their hand-me-downs to. Rafe is now a successful man with power in his own right and the only reason he has returned to Fool’s Gold is to right a wrong. His mother has been swindled out of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars and Rafe has come to collect.

Heidi Simpson is astounded by her grandfather’s actions. While he has always been something of a rascal, she is floored that he would steal from a woman. To make it worse, Heidi has no money to pay Rafe’s mother, May, back. She raises cheese from her small goat farm and that does not make anywhere close to the amount May is owed. The judge agrees to a rather unusual agreement while Heidi tries to find a way to raise the money. May and Rafe are moving to the farm and sharing the space with Heidi and her grandfather while they try to repay May. It is not easy, however, and Heidi and Rafe strike sparks off each other as they both argue the validity of their claims to the farm.

Rafe is a self-made man who loves his high-power career. Heidi loves the small town life of Fool’s Gold and she loves her goats. They seem like a very unlikely match but perhaps the disaster that brought them together will lead to something wonderful in their lives.

SUMMER DAYS is the newest book in Susan Mallery’s popular FOOL’S GOLD series. It easily stands alone because it introduces a new set of characters to the town of Fool’s Gold. Heidi is a woman who just wants to put down roots. After growing up traveling around the country with her grandfather, she is ready to settle into a town. She does not require wealth or fancy clothes. She enjoys the simple things in life and seems radically different from Rafe. He is a hard man who does not want to rely on anyone ever again. His stubbornness when it comes to Heidi’s mistake was infuriating at times because she was doing the best she could to make amends. For much of the book, I did have a hard time seeing them together in a long-term relationship but most of my reservations were soothed by the end.

SUMMER DAYS is a pleasant contemporary romance from Susan Mallery. While it sometimes seems that Fool’s Gold is a tad too perfect and idyllic of a town, I nonetheless enjoy my time there.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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