Summer Fantasies
By Amanda Haffery
Oct 8, 2007 - 8:50:18 AM



Evie is on location filming her television vampire show when she gets a call from her old friend Josie, begging her to come to the beach for a week of fun and sun. All the old gang is going to be there, including Gibb. It'll be nice to take a break and relax for a bit before the show starts filming again. And Evie wants nothing more than to see Gibb again. If only they didn't have other relationships getting in the way.

BEACH HOUSE: OLD FRIENDS is a tale of two people, meant to be together, that made the wrong decisions in significant others. Now they have to step back and decide just want they really want. Passions explode and reputations are on the line in this sweet summer fantasy story from JJ Massa. Evie and Gibb both come from lives in the public eye and one mistake could cost them their careers. They just can't seem to help themselves though; they've waited years to fall into each others arms. This was definitely an erotic story that's perfect for a day on the beach.




Jennifer's luck with men hasn't landed her a happily ever after yet. Deciding to give up her life as a cocktail waitress and move up the ranks to stripper has so far been a good decision though. After all, the money is great and she gets to dance with Michael. Every time they dance together, her body yearns for him. There's one slight problem though. Jennifer has never gotten over a man from her past. When her old lover shows up at the strip club, Jennifer decides to take a chance on him but she might just lose Michael in the process.


GENIE IN A BOTTLE is a hit! What a fantastic story. Ms. Bane sure knows how to get it done. I was hooked from the very first sentence and was teary eyed by the end. Jennifer is the girl-next-door who was trampled on by her high school boyfriend. He used her and tossed her away for bigger and better things. Michael is a heart-stopping god. He's sexy, built and has looks that would melt butter. Michael and Jennifer were the perfect couple. Unfortunately, it took Jennifer a while to see what was right in front of her. From the amazing dance scenes, to the even hotter sex scenes, GENIE IN A BOTTLE is a must read for everyone.




Ross moved to the small town of Bass Lake , California figuring he'd start fresh after his stint with the Army Rangers was over. As an explosives expert, it's Ross the town's mayor turns to when he wants the fireworks display arranged. Fourth of July fireworks aren't the only ones that are going to be lit this holiday season.


Stacy has ample reason to detest fireworks. Seven years ago, there was a horrific accident involving them. No matter how hard or how far she pushes Ross though, she can't seem to make him change his mind. It probably doesn't help that whenever Ross and Stacy are within two inches of each other, sparks of their own are flying. Things can only go very badly before these two will have a chance at a happily ever after.


SKYROCKETS IN FLIGHT…AFTERNOON DELIGHT is a great contemporary erotic romance as only CJ England can deliver. This story has all the great elements; from great characters, to a superb plotline that centers around a blossoming romance. Stacy is a very emotional character and readers will become very attached to her and her plight. I was rooting for her from the very beginning. Ross moving in and disrupting Stacy's life makes the story even more engaging. Each one of them wants things their way, which leads to some delightfully passionate scenes between them. This is definitely a story I would recommend to all of my friends.





When Sam was a child, her entire life was ripped apart during a storm that left her and her sister parentless and separated from each other. Years later, Sam still can't handle herself when the rain starts. After tracking down her sister and becoming the director of an organization offering therapy to needy children, Sam's life seems to be getting better, except for when the rain starts. It's still a paralyzing fear for her. When she meets Spencer, her life takes an unexpected turn.


Spencer is a single father of one of the boys' starting therapy. He's not the only one falling for the delectable Miss Sam—his son is gaga for her too. Deciding to take a chance, Spencer convinces Sam to go out with him. All hell breaks loose when they arrive at his house and a raging storm sends Sam over the edge. She's going to have to get her wits about her though if she wants to help Sam save his son.


SUMMER STORM is a perfect story to read in front of a fire on a stormy night. Full of romance and passion, this story will bring a tear to your eye and make you a believer. Sam is such a strong character in this story. After the life she's had, it's a wonder that she has been able to move on. Even though the storms still scare her, when it really matters she pushes her fear to the side to save lives. Spencer becomes Sam's rock and it's easy to see these two characters are head over heels in love, even in so short a time. Spencer's little boy adds lots of humorous elements to SUMMER STORM. This is a perfect happily ever after story that I would recommend to everyone.




Gemma and Kellac have been recruited from their planets to take part in a reality television show taking place all over the universe. Gemma and Kellac have a lot stacked against them though as a favorite couple. Gemma is crippled and she's also a mixed breed. Gemma isn't as strong as Kellac physically, but she more than makes up for it in stamina. When Gemma reveals a few secrets to Kellac along the way, he may just run away in terror from her. However, first they need to survive this life and death game if they have any hope at all of returning to their home worlds.


SURVIVING SUMMER is a ton of fun. Think Amazing Race, only between all sorts of planets. Gemma and Kellac have been paired up to try to beat the other teams. These two characters come from completely different worlds but will soon discover that sometimes opposites attract. And boy, oh boy, are they attracted to each other. It'll take some hard work on Kellac's part to break through the walls Gemma has built though. Once he does, tempers and passions are going to explode. This was such an interesting take on today's television reality shows. Although I'm not a fan of reality TV, SURVIVING SUMMER definitely held my interest and I fell completely for Gemma and Kellac. What a great couple. Becca Furrow is definitely an author I'm going to keep my eye on in the future.




After being demoted from political writer to writing about the annual Watermelon Festival for using his writing skill to out a few locals about their previous lives, Scott isn't a happy camper. The people in town have a right to know what bad things the other townspeople have done. It's not just Scott that has gotten demoted though. Michelle has been demoted to society reporter for backing Scott up. Things don't end here. Instead, both Michelle and Scott's lives are about to get a whole lot more interesting when, with Michelle's help, Scott discovers some very interesting information—information that might end up costing both of them their jobs. While investigating, Scott and Michelle become closer. Is there a romance in bloom for these two outcasts?


THE WATERMELON RIOT is a wonderful story, entwined with elements to hook any reader.  What I loved most about this story was that it wasn't your ordinary romance. Instead it had elements of mystery and suspense wrapped in with the main characters falling in love. Scott is your typical guy who messed up and now has to find a way to dig himself out. This time though, it's not just himself on the line—he's helped drag Michele down with him. If you're a reader who is looking for a thrill and a hint of mystery with your romance, definitely check out this great story from Melissa Glisan. I couldn't put the story down.


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