Summer Harbor
By Jamie Rae
Feb 1, 2005 - 6:28:00 PM

Will Harris is excited to learn that his grandparents have asked his mother to go to their Hawke's Cove home for the summer before he leaves for college. His grandparents have decided that they are going to sell their summer home to finance his education.  Will knows in his heart some of his own questions may be answered in Hawke's Cove, a place his mother has never before allowed him to go.  

Kiley is filled with dread at her parents' request to return to the place she loves most, but has avoided.  Her best memories of her youth, and ultimately the devastating events that led to her adulthood are held in Hawke's Cove.  Kiley grew up with Grainger Egan and Mack MacKenzie as her very best friends in Hawke's Cove, her best friends anywhere.  Grainger and Mack knew her like no one else, and as they grew up together, their feelings changed from deep friendship to love.  Knowing both boys loved her, Kiley faced some difficult decisions.  At a young age, mistakes were made, which changed the course of their lives forever.  Can she go back and face those mistakes and the questions that will come from them again?

Grainger Egan left Summer Harbor on that fateful night those many years ago, but has returned and bought the local boat works.  Grainger is surprised to see Kiley arrive in town again after so many years, with a son in tow.  Kiley has some answers that she's going to have to give him, because by looking at her young son, he's the right age that Grainger could be his father.

Can Kiley face the mistakes made so many years ago?  Mistakes that may cost her someone she loves again?  How will she handle it if Will learns the truth about her past?  Will Grainger be able to find out the answers to the questions that Kiley's return has brought to him?  And will he be able to look at the pain of the past long enough to answer them?  And Will?  His questions may be the toughest of them all.

Susan Wilson has written what may be the most compelling, gentle love story I've ever had the pleasure of reading.  This is such a poignant look at the painful moments spent as we change from adolescents into adults, and how these moments affect our lives and our hearts for all time.  SUMMER HARBOR is a beautifully emotional, dramatic romance that leads its characters through not only discovery of the past, but of their future, as well.  This story is one of overcoming past mistakes and misunderstandings, and finding a chance to have all that love promises again.  SUMMER HARBOR is one you won't want to miss!

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