Summer Heat
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 15, 2007 - 7:47:43 AM

Electra Hamilton has big plans but she’ll soon learn that everything isn’t going to go the way she expects. She’s a leading contender for the major position - probably because she’s the only contender.   But what she’s most excited about is the simple fact that her best friend Samuel will be arriving in just a few days and his arrival means that Electra will finally experience the Big Event.  

Electra may have been expecting Samuel but what she gets is his older brother Drew Bolinger.  Drew’s never approved of her relationship with Samuel and has always made Electra feel insignificant so the last thing she wants is to learn that he’s planning on staying in town for the next three months.   To make matters worse, Drew has to deliver the news that Samuel isn’t coming.   He’d gotten married and hadn’t been brave enough to tell her himself.


The last thing Electra wants is to have to put up with Drew’s condescending attitude for any length of time but it doesn’t look like she has much choice since he’ll be staying at the main house where she’s a caretaker.   What Electra doesn’t realize is that Drew is a man on a mission.   He’s determined to show her exactly how he feels about her . . .  and there’s nothing even remotely brotherly about his feelings.  


All of Electra’s friends think that he’s perfect for her.   Her man hating cat even proves to be traitorous and accepts him.   How’s a girl to handle the overwhelming emotions that Drew’s presence in her life is causing?   Well, there are a lot of issues that have to be dealt with first but gradually she realizes that Drew’s protective instincts and attitude toward her are more of a turn on than she’d ever been willing to admit - until now.


J.A. Clarke gives readers a reason to smile all the way through this storyline.   Electra and Drew are fun characters whose differences make their story a true pleasure to read.  I loved the emotional upheaval that Drew’s appearance causes for Electra and got a huge kick out of his confusion over the ‘Big Event.’   There are many characters and situations that add an exciting flair to this tale and keep you reading through to the end to find out how everything turns out for Electra and Drew.

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