Summer Lovin'

Author: Marin Thomas, Laura Marie Altom, Ann Roth

Publisher: Harlequin American Romance

Release Date: June 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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It's class reunion time in Silver Cliff, Colorado.   To celebrate the brand new high school and the conversion of the old school building into beautiful new condos, the alumni have all been invited for a Fourth of July weekend packed with parties and friends.   Will old lovers reconnect beneath the fireworks?   Will new romances bloom among the flowers blanketing the beautiful Colorado mountains?

The Preacher's Daughter

by Marin Thomas


Bad boy Jake Turner never intended to return to Silver Cliff.   Ridiculed as the fatherless son of the town drunk, Jake's childhood memories are far from happy.   The only person who ever believed in him was Amanda Winslow, the preacher's daughter.  Amanda refused to give up on Jake, tutoring him to be sure he would graduate.


Jake secretly planned to seduce Amanda, then break her heart.   Amanda's father hurt his family, and Jake intended to return the favor.   There was just one problem.   He fell in love with Amanda.   Jake left town after graduation and never looked back.


Twenty years later, Amanda is the town librarian in Silver Cliff.   She isn't exactly dissatisfied with her life, although she would have liked a husband and children.   The right man just never came along after Jake Turner rode out of her life.   Now he's back in town for the big reunion.   Jake is rich, successful, and gorgeous as ever.   He's never forgotten Amanda, and she never quite got over him, either.   Can two people who have always seemed so wrong for each other find a way to make everything right?


Amanda seemed to be almost drifting through her life, enjoying it well enough but feeling that maybe there should be more.   Jake is highly successful, but his life isn't really complete, either.   After all these years apart, I hoped they would figure out just what's been missing in their lives.



A Baby on the Way

by Laura Marie Altom


India Foster is ready to begin her new life.   The newly-hired event planner for a popular hotel in Silver Cliff, India is swept into chaos when she arrives in town in the midst of the reunion festivities.   She was supposed to move in with her sister, who unexpectedly left town.   Hotel rooms are tough to come by.   India is mistaken for a Silver Cliff alumnus.   And a gorgeous stranger swoops in out of nowhere and gives India a mind-blowing kiss.   What a welcome!


Graydon Johnson only intended to make his ex-wife jealous when he kisses a beautiful woman he's never met before. A former world-class snowboarder and current coach, Graydon decided to grow up and leave his risk-taking lifestyle behind.   He wants to be a good father to his young son.


Graydon and India quickly develop a bond, despite being well aware they have no chance of a future together.   India just arrived in Silver Cliff, and she plans to put down roots and belong somewhere for the first time in her life.   Graydon is moving back to Lake Placid, his coaching career, and his son.   Will their incredible weekend together become nothing more than a memory?

Graydon has been carrying a heavy load of baggage without realizing just how much other people's opinions have directed his choices.   Would India be the catalyst he needed to help him figure out what he really wants to do with his life?   India desperately wants to put down roots.   Would she figure out how to make them deep and strong?



A Reunion Romance

By Ann Roth


Holly Stevens broke up with Brady Cornell fourteen years ago.   She hasn't even seen him since their ten-year reunion.   So what does she care if he shows up in Silver Cliff for the huge, multi-year reunion?   Holly doesn't need the distraction.   It's Independence Day weekend, and her daughter's birthday.   Besides, she's about to lose her shop and Brady deserves most of the blame.


Brady works for a resort company that buys out smaller hotels, closes any shops, and fires the employees.   Their latest target is the Silver Cliff Lodge, and Brady has been chosen to complete the takeover.   He knows Holly has a shop in the hotel and will soon be out of a job, but he has to follow orders.   Besides, there's nothing between them any longer.


Then Holly and Brady run into each other at the reunion, and sparks begin to explode from the long-banked fire between them.   They have nothing in common anymore, right?   Worse, their professional goals are in direct conflict.   So why can't they keep their hands off of each other?


I wished Holly and Brady would take a long look at what broke them apart so many years ago.   Were they still looking for the same things out of life as they were back in high school?   Did Brady really want what he was working so hard to achieve?   Could Holly forgive him for doing his job?   The obstacles between them seemed insurmountable.   I hoped they would realize how much they had to lose if they simply gave up.


I loved my visit to the gorgeous mountains of Silver Cliff, Colorado, and the glimpse into the lives and loves of the people influenced by the small-town high school.   Would librarian Amanda and bad boy Jake finally find happiness together after decades apart?   Would rootless India's fresh perspective help free Graydon from years of living up to the expectations of others?   Would Brady and Holly discover just what would complete their lives and truly bring them happiness?   The Silver Cliff reunion is definitely worth celebrating!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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