Summer Replacement Y/A

Author: Ann Herrick

Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory

Release Date: February 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Cathy Price is fifteen and dreading her upcoming summer. She'd rather stay home and get to know her new crush Dan, before he loses interest in her. Her mom and dad don't agree and it is off to Chatfield for Cathy. But before she leaves she hatches a plan with her best friend and vows that she will find herself a summer replacement to prepare her for Dan when she returns.

When Cathy gets to Chatfield she can't believe her good luck. Dan and his family, the Stedman's, are vacationing in Chatfield also. Now Cathy has her chance to make her summer replacement the real deal. Things get a whole lot more magical for Cathy when she formulates a plan with Dan to become his pretend girlfriend for the summer. She has no problems helping him to keep a group of love-struck 10 year olds from giggling him into madness.

Cathy and Dan drift closer as the summer goes on and it isn't before long that Cathy is ready to let Dan know her true feelings. But just when things are so smooth and sure, Dan's ex-girlfriend appears on the scene and let's Cathy know that Dan is off limits. Not wanting to be outdone, Cathy finds herself using Lisa's older brother to make Dan jealous. Now everything is backfiring onto Cathy and she's finding out how it feels to become a summer replacement herself. All's fair in love and war and Cathy will not let Dan go without at least giving it her all. But problems arrive when Steve decides that he really wants Cathy and she does not feel the same. Now how do you get rid of a summer replacement and tell the guy of your dreams that he is the one? Cathy needs to find out and find out fast, because summer is almost over.

I thought that SUMMER REPLACEMENT was a really great and funny read. Cathy's plans at capturing Dan were well thought out and left me laughing for day’s. Ann Herrick let's us look at life from a young girl's views and we get to share her pain and joy's as she experiences her first real crush. I recommend this book to young teens like myself everywhere who enjoy stories that make you feel good on the inside and out.

Reviewed by Young Adult Reviewer, Yasmine 13

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Yasmine

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