Summer Replacement
By BJ Deese
May 30, 2004 - 7:14:00 PM

Cathy Price is a fifteen-year-old teenager, and she wants to spend the summer at home instead of going to Chatfield with the family.  She has a huge crush on Dan, a boy at school, and she wants to stay at home to see him.  When her friend suggests that she have a summer fling at Chatfield, Cathy loves the idea.  That way she can practice her romance skills on a boy she can leave at the end of summer.  Then she will be ready for Dan when school starts back.

When her family arrives at their summer home, Cathy goes to the store a few blocks away to get soda.  To her surprise, she discovers Dan is working at the store.  Now, how will she be able to have a trial romance, when Dan is the one she wants to have a real romance with?  Dan agrees to have Rebecca pretend to be his girlfriend to get rid of a bunch of ten-year old girls who hang around Dan all the time.  How can Rebecca just pretend to be his girlfriend when that's what she really wants?  And, how will Rebecca handle a new girl claiming Dan's attention and affection?

SUMMER REPLACEMENT is a very refreshing young adult romance.  It was so nice to read about Rebecca's first love and the lessons she learns.

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