Summer Temptation
By Sarah W
Apr 1, 2006 - 5:26:00 PM

After being burned badly in the past, Jewel Capriati says no to all the vacationing men who ask her for a date. However, J.T. Hollander hasn't made a move yet, and darn it she wants him to, despite her rule. When J.T. finally asks her out, the sane part of Jewel tells her to say no but the part of her that desires J.T. screams yes! Their first date has plenty of sensual fireworks, along with J.T.'s attempts to get to know Jewel. Will he be able to penetrate her heart? Will J.T. be the man to finally show Jewel that love can happen when you least expect it?

SUMMER TEMPTATION is another fun and romantic read from Ava McKnight. Jewel will capture your heart with her yearning for love and the shadows that haunt her. J.T. is a very sexy man who isn't afraid to show Jewel just how much he desires her. They are a well-matched pair that shares some mighty strong lust. However, it is when love finally enters the equation that this story really heats up. Ms. McKnight has penned a touching and flirty story in SUMMER TEMPTATION. She's definitely an author to keep an eye on.

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