Summer of Fire
By Briana Burress
May 1, 2005 - 6:52:00 PM

Claire Chance is the single mom of a seventeen year old daughter and a Houston firefighter.  She heads west to Yellowstone National Park to escape the nightmare of losing of her best friend who was killed while working at a fire three weeks ago.

Claire rescues Ranger Steve Haywood from the grips of a fire that seems to be taking fierce hold of the park.  She is later informed that he survived a plane crash that took the lives of his wife and young daughter and notices that he has turned to alcohol to numb his pain.  Claire and Steve find themselves caught in a very tight spot as they fight to survive the firestorm that has gone out of control. 


Claire's rebellious daughter arrives on the scene and it isn't long before heated words send her daughter running into the night.  Steve tries to comfort Claire and she finds that she can no longer fight the fire that is burning within her as she succumbs to the heat of passion she feels while being in Steve's arms.  Will the love that has formed between them be strong enough to fight the demons of the past?  Will they be able to find her daughter before the town is taken over by the fire?


SUMMER OF FIRE is a tense but passionate tale that will keep you anxiously turning each page as you read of the struggles to fight the fires of Yellowstone Park and the burning desires between Claire and Steve. Linda Jacobs will keep your heart pounding as she describes the fires that tried to destroy Yellowstone in 1988 and the work that was done by the brave men and women who fought this fierce dragon.

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