Summer of Two Wishes
By Sarah W
Aug 1, 2009 - 6:45:27 PM

Macy Lockhart thought her life was over when her husband, Finn, died overseas in the military. She could barely get up in the morning, memories were everywhere in their home, and her emotions were on overload all the time. Macy is slow to return to a normal life, but Finn never leaves her mind or her heart, even when, after a few years of mourning, she remarries Wyatt Clark. While Macy does not necessarily feel the passionate, all consuming love for him that she felt for Finn, Wyatt makes her happy and content, and that is enough.

Or it would have been enough if the military did not return, three years later, to inform Macy that Finn has been found alive. He was captured by the Taliban and finally escaped and made it to safety. Now he is coming back to Texas. But everything is different and the life Macy and Finn had together is gone. The ranch he loved so dearly is nearly sold, Macy is married to a new man, and even the dogs and horses Finn so treasured have disappeared. Finn made it home by dreaming of Macy, by focusing on her, so when he discovers she is remarried, betrayal and hurt is at the forefront of his mind. Will this couple reunite, or will Macy choose to remain with Wyatt, the man who rescued her from her despair over Finn’s death?

SUMMER OF TWO WISHES is a tough book to read because the emotions of hurt and anger are strongly portrayed in the characters. Wyatt, Finn, and Macy are all going through a very difficult situation with Finn’s return. Wyatt loves Macy and just wants their life to remain the same. That is impossible of course, no matter how much he insists otherwise. Macy does not know which way to turn. She loves Finn. She loves Wyatt. This is a situation she could in no way prepare. Add in the fuel of a gossiping town and emotions are running high. Finn is hurt to his soul and turns to drink. Wyatt is angry and in desperation tries to cling to Macy. And Macy, well she just does not know what to do. Julia London makes this situation rife with strong emotions, ranging from love to despair. What should have been a homecoming of joy has turned into something far different. Readers will have to read to find out how it turns out, but no emotion is left unturned and Macy has to do some hard thinking. SUMMER OF TWO WISHES is not an easy breezy summer tale. It packs a punch of emotion that will shake readers to their core.

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