Summon The Masters
By Angel
Apr 15, 2007 - 11:34:00 AM

Interlude by Madeleine Oh

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


Alex decides to that a trip to Wales is just what she needs and the last thing she expects to find is the perfect man.  That is exactly what she finds in Dai Hughes and before she knows it she is wrapped up in the most erotic adventure of a lifetime.  Who is the mysterious Dai and where does he come from?


INTERLUDE is just that, an introduction into a contemporary tale that won’t soon be forgotten.  Alex is a great character who just wants to get away; of course she never thought that meant meeting a man like Dai.  Dai is the sexy and mysterious hero who takes Alex on the ride of a lifetime and his sensuality knows no end.  Madeleine Oh has written a highly passionate tale that readers are sure to love.

Life Sentence by Jennifer Dunne

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Samantha Taylor never thinks that a book will bring her the man of her dreams.  Master Giacomo is more powerful than any man that Samantha has ever met.  Samantha has never let any man control her life and wonders if she should start now.  Giacomo is not your average man though and if he fails to do his job he will be punished in the worse way possible.


LIFE SENTENCE plays into every woman’s fantasy where the hero of the book jumps out and becomes real.  Giacomo is the ultimate male and perfect in every way.  Samantha never suspects what’s hiding between the pages of her book but she soon finds out that Giacomo is not one to beat around the bush.  He goes after what he wants and intends to show her the true meaning of ecstasy.  You will find yourself constantly needing to cool down while reading this tasty tale.


The Cajun by Dominique Adair

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


Rachel Thierry has to seek shelter from a storm and finds herself in an old cabin in the swamps of Louisiana.  She finds that an old friend now resides in the cabin.  Etienne Broussard decides to return home when the storm hits and whom should he find in his bed but Rachel.  As the storm intensifies outside so does their passion for each other and the couple may realize that they belong together.


There is something about the south and their sexy men that will keep you coming back for more.  Rachel is the sassy female lead that just wants shelter, but finds something worth fighting for.  Etienne is the sexy Cajun who knows how to wield his sexuality and make Rachel beg for more.  This couple could burn down the entire bayou with their passion alone and it’s apparent in every sensual interaction.  Dominique Adair has gained a following with her fascinating tales and her fans are sure to enjoy this one.


SUMMON THE MASTERS is certainly a book that will heat up more than the night and you may need to have a fan handy while reading these three tempting tales of sensual exploration. 


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