Sun Kissed
By Sarah W
Jan 8, 2007 - 12:23:00 PM

Samantha Harrigan is attending a local rodeo when she witnesses a horse being abused. In rage and anger, she tries to stop the drunken owner from hurting the horse any further, but her kindness backfires on her, and the man helping her, Tucker Coulter. The two wind up in jail! Thankfully, the charges are dropped and Samantha and Tucker part, though Tucker would like the chance to get to know Samantha better. Too bad she seems so resistant to the idea. Usually Tucker can charm the socks off any woman, but Samantha definitely seems immune to him. A bad divorce has led Samantha to question any man who appears interested in her. She admires Tucker’s handsome façade but she is too afraid to dig deeper and see he has substance and heart.

Their paths cross again in another dangerous situation. Someone is poisoning Samantha’s horse, Tabasco. Tabasco is part of Samantha’s quarter horse business and he is also a beloved friend. When Samantha needs assistance, she contacts Tucker, an equine veterinarian. Tucker is thrilled to see Samantha again, but dismayed by the deteriorating state of her horse. Something is wrong and it seems like Samantha may be at the center of a scandal she is ill-prepared for. As the mystery grows, Samantha and Tucker put their heads, and their hearts, together to find out who wants to destroy Samantha’s livelihood.


Catherine Anderson continues her Coulter family series with the enchanting SUN KISSED. Ms. Anderson’s treatment of the burgeoning love between Samantha and Tucker is tender and exciting though marred with some unhappiness of course. Tucker and Samantha both have different strengths that pull them through this tough period. Determination, prayer, tenacity, spirit, and hope all combine to help Tucker treat the animals and for Samantha to keep persevering as the odds stack against her. You’ll easily come to care for the plight of these horses just as much as you’ll care about Samantha, Tucker and the extended cast of characters. Samantha has a very strong core that helped her get through a devastating marriage and that strong spirit is back in full force as she tries to save her animals and stop herself from falling in love. Catherine Anderson makes her characters shine through adversity and come out fiercer than ever. This old-fashioned tale of love and spirituality make SUN KISSED a story you will not soon forget. Love and strength come through on every page.

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