Sun, Sand, Sex

Author: Linda Lael Miller, Jennifer Apodaca, Shelly Laurenston

Publisher: Brava

Release Date: June 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Linda Lael Miller

Teague and Joanna Darby’s marriage is on the brink of divorce.   The couple, once passionately in love, have grown apart over the years. At the suggestion of their lawyer, who is also their friend, they agree to spend one last weekend sorting out the terms of the divorce. When a major storm leaves them stranded together at their much-loved beach cottage, it could be a very uncomfortable weekend. Then again, this could be the perfect opportunity to fall in love all over again, one sensual touch at a time.   What unexpected surprises await Joanna and Teague?

Linda Lael Miller has written a story that touched me from the very first paragraph.   I felt the heartbreaking loss of the relationship between Teague and Joanna as if it were my own.   From the beginning, I was rooting for these two lovers to reconcile and prove that love really can conquer all.   The depth of emotion in this story is incredible.   ONE LAST WEEKEND is an incredible example of Miller’s story-telling ability.



Jennifer Apodaca

Lexie Rollins is a wedding planner and a fugitive from the law.   All she did was defend herself from the lecherous advances of a sleazy groom.   Now Lexie stands accused of assault and battery.   Who knew a staple gun could be considered a lethal weapon? Lexie decides to take a short vacation before her trial to ease the tension and stress in her life. Unfortunately, she misses her court date and a warrant is issued for her arrest.   Lexie’s attorney hires bounty hunter Nick Vardolous to retrieve her from the exclusive resort at which she is staying.   After getting a good look at Lexie, Nick knows that he will get his fugitive, one way or another.


YOU GIVE LOVE A GOOD NAME is a wonderfully romantic suspense story.   I laughed aloud at Lexie’s description of the staple gun incident.   The hot, sexy romance that develops between the two main characters captured my interest from their very first meeting.   I love the way Nick and Lexie interact with one another and think they make a wonderful couple.   Jennifer Apodaco proves once again why she is one of the romance genres rising stars.



Shelly Laurenston

Kyle Treharne is a deputy in seaside Smithville, North Carolina.   Kyle hates Yankees with a passion-until he meets exotically beautiful Emma Lucchesi.   Kyle can tell that the sexy, but perplexing, lady has got trouble written all over her.   He wonders if Emma knows more than she admits about the increasingly unusual things happening in Smithville.   Kyle decides that it is time to demonstrate to Emma that his interest in her is personal not professional after his brother, the mayor of Smithville, shows an interest in her.  The enigmatic Emma proves to have quite a few secrets, but so does Kyle.   When danger threatens everyone in Smithville, it is time for Emma and Kyle to lay all their cards on the table and see what the future holds.


MY KIND OF TOWN recounts the entertaining tale of romance and intrigue in a small southern town.   After reading Shelly Laurenston’s story, I would love to visit this quirky town.  The antics of Kyle and his brother were extremely entertaining.   I often found myself laughing aloud at these two brothers.  Sibling rivalry has never been so entertaining.   In addition, the heat generated by the romance between Kyle and Emma could set fire to your computer circuits.   This is a fun and fascinating romance with some delightful twists thrown in for good measure.   I hope this is just the first of many stories set in the small town of Smithville Laurenston has once again hooked me with her extraordinary characters and her delightful plot.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Robin Snodgrass

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