Sunday Money
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 8, 2009 - 2:25:18 PM

After the death of her husband in a fiery crash two years ago Shelby Holland became the sole owner of all his business interests as well as one of the richest circuits in international auto racing, Holland Racing.  She’s worked hard to continue his legacy and earn the respect of those she deals with while caring for his business empire.  Only worrisome things have begun happening and she needs help especially once it becomes obvious someone is out to destroy everything she’s achieved.

Under the advisement of long time employee Ray Keenan, Shelby seeks out the assistance of Derrick ‘Rick’ Manville.  Well known in many fields, Rick is relentlessly thorough in searching out clues when it appears sabotage may be involved.  He appears to be a playboy sportsman and loves racing but there’s much more to him than meets the eye.  Once he gets a good look at Shelby he knows that she’s the one for him.  Just seeing her incredibly long legs has him determined to make her his – all he has to do is convince her of his sincerity.


Shelby struggles with her attraction to Rick.  She knows she’ll have to rely on him to help save her company from ruin but becoming romantically involved with him isn’t something she’s prepared to do.  Fortunately for her, Rick has no such qualms with acting on their mutual attraction.  He invites her to cheer him on in the yacht race he’s scheduled to run which she views as frivolous and she’s disconcerted by the fact that he doesn’t seem to be too concerned with her possible sabotage situation.  The groupies waiting to insinuate themselves to the winner’s side makes it an extremely uncomfortable situation for Shelby. 


Unbeknownst to Shelby, Rick has people researching everything he needs to know about Shelby, Holland Corporation’s problems and most importantly any enemies that could have led to their recent disaster.  Before immersing himself in Shelby’s problems Rick talks Shelby into joining him on the yacht and cruising back to the marina – once onboard the Manville 3 they’re free to acknowledge and explore their feelings as well as devise a game plan for vanquishing Shelby’s enemies.  Shelby’s everything he’s ever wanted in a woman and when she suggests he follow his dream of racing at Indy he believes he could finally have it all – and she can make it happen.  The love between them is undeniable and powerful but how will it fare when the full scope of Shelby’s problems are revealed.


Christy Poff’s latest release SUNDAY MONEY will definitely get your engines revving and jumpstart your libido.  Rick has a special zest for life that shows in the way he embraces every opportunity.  Shelby’s spent so long playing down her womanhood and concentrating on running her business that admitting to her needs is difficult.  They make an ideal couple and their pleasures and businesses seem to blend effortlessly.  Ms. Poff blends romance, suspense and the excitement of Indy class racing into one novel that holds your attention.  What I really appreciate about this story is how the author takes such care in ‘humanizing’ the characters and demonstrating their strengths, fears and desires.  SUNDAY MONEY is a wonderful story and gives me a new appreciation for the fine sport of race car driving – something I’ve been sadly lacking in recent years.

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