Suni's Gift

Author: Anne Rainey

Publisher: Phaze Books

Release Date: November 26, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Ross and Suni have been married for five years. Things are terrific between them, both bringing completeness to their marriage. Ross is a firefighter, working long hours. When he comes home, Suni is always there, putting him to bed and making him dinner. She's always so supportive. Suni is wonderfully happy with Ross. She knows that he is the one man who will always be there, willing to give her anything her heart desires.

Everything changes when Ross discovers a message in Suni's journal though. As Ross is reading, he realizes that Suni's greatest fantasy is to have a threesome and be dominated. She makes it clear in her entry that this fantasy is not due to a lack of anything in her marriage, and that she feels extremely guilty about feeling this way. How can Ross give Suni the most incredible night of her life without her knowing he read her journal?


Alex, Ross's friend from the department, agrees to be the third in this mind-blowing ménage. As a one night only Christmas present to Suni, Alex knows how to keep his mouth shut and is more than willing to pleasure the delectable wife of his friend. Alex knows how to soothe Suni's raging conflictions about doing this. He's gentle and patient with her, while Ross is Mr. Dominant. This is going to be one Christmas none of them will ever forget!


SUNI'S GIFT is orgasmically delicious! Sensual, seductive and magically fulfilling, this is a rare find that I'll be recommending to everyone I know. Ross and Suni have the perfect marriage, even with Suni's fantasy stepping in between them. They just completely feel right together. Ross is a manly man who only wants to make sure his woman is satisfied, even at the cost of his own heart. He knows that by taking this chance, there's always a worry of it destroying them. However, he's sure that they're strong enough to withstand a threesome. Suni is nervous and just as worried. At the same time, she's unbelievably turned on at the thought of her husband giving this opportunity to her. When she realizes Alex is the one they're going to be with, she feels more at ease and loves Ross even more for picking him. Alex adds some humorous moments to the storys while at the same time, being the rock for all of them. Ms. Rainey wrote SUNI'S GIFT with very strong emotions, delicious sex scenes and a romance that will leave readers feeling warm and fuzzy long after they're finished. A friend recommended Ms. Rainey to me and I'll forever be grateful to her for helping me discover this truly gifted author!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Amanda Haffery

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