By Rhea Palmer
May 1, 2007 - 7:44:00 PM

Katy Hart and American heartthrob Dayne Matthews have finally overcome all their obstacles. They are together and they are finally getting married. Settling into the normal life of a loving engaged couple, they embrace the quiet life in the small town of Bloomington.

As their wedding date draws near, however, it seems the tension is getting harder and harder to take. To top it off, Dayne has hired a wedding planner for them – effectively changing Katy’s chance to plan their own wedding. Can they keep their hearts and minds focused on what God’s plan is for their lives?


As Katy and Dayne struggle with pre-wedding jitters, the Flanigan family is dealing with their own crisis. Cody Coleman, whom they have taken under their wing, is constantly struggling with his alcohol problem. After a night of weakness, he is now struggling for his life in the hospital. Will Cody be allowed a second chance to change his life around?


Karen Kingsbury has a true gift of reaching into the hearts of her characters and pulling out their true colors. Blessed with the gift of writing Karen can take the worst of circumstances and show how God can change even the stoniest hearts and direst circumstances to reflect how He loves and cares for His children. As the first of the Sunrise Series, Sunrise will hold your attention and leave you itching to find out what will happen next in the lives of the Baxter and Flanigan families.

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