Sunrise Of My Soul
By Patti Fleishman
Dec 1, 2004 - 11:15:00 PM

Love and all of its splendor is something that can never be taken away.  Faith, like love, grows and deepens, nurturing the soul that has opened to acceptance.  It is with great pleasure and deep happiness that I am able to present to you,
SUNRISE OF MY SOUL.  This collection of superb poetry, written by Ola Durodola, will take you on a spiritual journey of the soul, opening your mind while taking a direct path to your heart. 

Mr. Durodola has many reflections on the questions of love and how it has affected him.  Yes, these very same things have played on each of our minds at one time or another.  Love is never easy, love is most usually blind, but love can be such a beautiful and rewarding enrichment in our lives. It's how we open ourselves to each feeling, each uncertainty, making the experience one that allows us to grow and become the person we are meant to be. 


SHOULD I, is every person's timeless question.  There are never any easy answers when it comes to love. Struggles and wonders such as 'what if?', 'should I?', and 'if only I had...' are shared by all of us. 

'Am I asking or looking for this

This trouble that love brings

Should I say what I feel?

Should I open up my inner soul?

Or should I run and hide from you

Should I blank you out of my mind?

Or at least try?'


MY LADY MY LIFE MY WORLD, is a beautiful testament to the woman who will hold his heart.  Mr. Durodola has written about a most touching hope, a dream that's a major part of his life.

'As I fall, as I live

And I will and truly do love you

As I have said I do

I pray to God to help me love you

As grace has brought us together

As God's love is our joy

As today redefines

I am yours

And you are mine

As this moment is the building block

Of us, never again I and you

As yesterday announced that

Today is our day

As today we are born as soul mates

I thank God for blessing our tomorrow

For me this is the perfect moment

As I await the perfections of our moments to come

Oh lord I love you

Baby thank you for saying I do

And as I look into your eyes

I hold my breath

And dig deep into the foundation of my heart

And summon the words

My lady my life my world

I love you"


This is what poetry is all about.  It's a moment in time, a slice of life that has been written about in such a way that it's able to capture all of those emotions that one is feeling and display them for the entire world to share.  What the author has created is something that can be read by one person and given a new and completely different meaning to another, all the while portraying the sincerity of the written word. What we each feel and how we react upon reading those words is pure and wonderful. It's a new sentiment all over again.


One of my favorites, FROM YOUR FIRST SMILE, is stunning.  It brought to my mind a beautiful memory of a time long ago when I, too, first cast my gaze upon the eyes of my adoring husband.  It gave me reason to remember the little things, the simple things that bring so much pleasure into my own life. 


Heartbreak is a tragedy. Most times it feels as if it's only happening to you.  JUST TO SAY gives us a glimpse into the heart of a person who has made a mistake. Not allowing someone to enter our hearts and become a part of our lives is a treasure that will be missed over time.  We have all been put on this beautiful earth to help one another, to share in simple pleasures, to bare our souls in time of trouble.  This is human nature.  This is the story of us.


SUNRISE OF MY SOUL is an honest portrayal into the human psyche as well as the deepest parts of our souls.  It is with gratitude and sincere appreciation that I write these words.  To be able to write poetry that can touch another is truly a gift.  Thank you, Ola Durodola, for sharing your precious gift with us.

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