Super Mom Saves The World

Author: Melanie Lynne Hauser

Publisher: New American Library

Release Date: March 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Six months ago a horrible Swiffer accident turned mild-mannered single mom Birdie Lee into the crime-fighting/grime-cleaning dynamo ‘Super Mom’.  A toxic combination of cleaner fumes has left Birdie with super speed and hearing, as well as a spongy hand that squirts cleaning fluid and can scrub with the power of 10,000 Swiffers.  After saving Astro Park from an evil plot that threatened the health of the town’s children, Birdie has joined the Justice League and spends her evenings keeping Astro Park lawful and lemon-fresh.  She’s adjusting to her dual identity fairly well, even if she does think the Mr. Clean bottle winked at her.

Birdie finds her biggest foes not to be nefarious criminals, but the terrifying creatures known as teenagers.  She’s the parent of two, and soon-to-be step-parent of another – and the impending family merger isn’t looking anything like an episode of ‘The Brady Bunch’.  Suddenly she’s awash in teen drivers, questionable friends, first crushes, baseball madness, and pink hair.  And just to turn the tables on her, her children aren’t so sure that they approve of her relationship!


With the arrival of spring has come the usual small town obsession with youth-league baseball.  Birdie is normally immune to the sports frenzy, but soon finds herself in the middle of all of the hoopla thanks to her fiancé Carl and his son Greg, both of whom view the sport with reverence.  And surprise, even Birdie’s own son, Martin, is suddenly joining in the craze, albeit with more enthusiasm that skill (although Birdie suspects Martin’s enthusiasm has more to do with a crush on chewing-gum girl than Babe Ruth aspirations). 


Birdie doesn’t get baseball, but even more so doesn’t get Astro Park’s fixation with it.  Why would a small town need a domed stadium, complete with a Starbucks, for kids to play ball?  Questions arise about the land the stadium is being built on, the mayor’s involvement in the land sale, and the contract bids for the site work.  When an evil-doer shows up at a game and tries to take out Super Mom, Birdie goes on a quest to find the truth behind the new stadium and the masked man with the super-powered Swiffer.


SUPER MOM SAVES THE WORLD is a hilarious and fitting follow-up to CONFESSIONS OF A SUPER MOM.  The concept of a super hero whose powers are amplified ‘mom’ abilities is clever and makes for a great spoof on the classic comic book super heroes.  The one-liners, sarcasm, and humor about everyday life were great.  Paired with the mystery, they kept up my interest so that I finished the book in one sitting.  With this book, you get exactly what it looks like:  comic relief from a comic book mom with an added dose family drama.  This one doesn’t just get a spot on my keeper shelf; it goes on the shelf with others I’d re-read when I’m in the need of something lighthearted to make me laugh.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Leigh

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