Super What? Y/A
By Yasmine
Oct 9, 2004 - 4:18:00 AM

Jessie Drummond is like any other fifteen-year-old girl; if you don't count her super powered family that is. But just because her family has powers, doesn'
t mean that Jessie gets to join in their party (she has no powers, yet). With her sophomore year in high school newly under way she is getting ready for all the hoopla of being the new girl in town. She makes a couple of fast friends and also catches the eye of one of the schools populars; Kelli, as in with an 'I', the evil cheerleader.

School seems to start out normally for Jessie, if you overlook the suddenly exploding windows and dented lunch trays caused by the untimely arrival of the super powers of yours truly. If this isn't enough to totally end the social life she was just beginning to enjoy, she now has to learn how to control her powers with her grandmother super 'E'  as her guide. Even her kid sister Chloe decides to help out with her lessons seeing as how her powers came early.


Through all of this insanity, Jessie is having boy problems. Two of her male classmates are sending signals her way, but how is a girl to choose if she thinks their both just as cute? If that's not enough to drive her crazy, she has a malicious cheerleader on her back who won' t leave her alone. Jessie's best moments are those she spends asleep and dreaming of the way too cute, Orlando Bloom. Jessie finds that her powers sometimes intrude at the most awful moments. Like when her x-ray vision gives her a view of Mr. Platt's, her math teacher, underwear of choice. How gross is that?


Jessie's mom doesn't want her under the influence of the League of Liberty since Jessie's dad kept going on missions to save the day and so far, he hasn't returned. As Jessie continues her verbal sparring with the mean Kelli, she suddenly has colossal problems on her hands. Both of her admirers have asked her to the mini prom and Jessie doesn't know who to pick. Will it be Mike the popular, or Seth the brain? Jessie hasn't a clue but she is sure of one thing. This super girl has to make some super quick decisions before her super powers interfere and she becomes a super...what?


Jax Abbott's SUPER WHAT? has really good life lessons to be learned.  Jessie was a cool character who brought lots of laughs to the story. She was also someone I wouldn' t mind meeting in real life. Jessie's family is very close and despite all of the weird happenings, they always stayed that way. SUPER WHAT? was written with a reality that a girl my age could relate too. After all, bratty siblings, wicked cheerleaders, and cute boys are everywhere these days. I truly enjoyed reading Ms. Abbott's book, and I think young adults and 'old' adults everywhere will too.


Reviewed by Young Adult Reviewer, Yasmine 13

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