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Jun 21, 2012 - 8:24:25 AM

It started with a dirty magazine. When Allison saw it in the grocery story, she simply had to buy it. Then her husband found it. His reaction to the unbelievably endowed cover model inspires Allison to enhance her own bosom. Fitted with a realistic latex apparatus, the elementary school teacher embarks on a journey of sexual exploration she would never have previously imagined.

I admit that when I saw the title SUPERSLUT, I thought that I would get an erotic superhero romance. Instead, I found a steamy work of contemporary erotica. There is less focus on romance in Allison's story and more on her exploration of her hidden desires. In that sense, SUPERSLUT stands in continuity with Victorian works of erotica. The novel is a tale of a woman achieving freedom by giving in to her urges.


Wearing her false chest and adopting an alter ego named Trisha, Allison falls in with a group of women who participate in a weekly wet t-shirt contest in a London pub. The exhibitionism turns Allison on. Away from the stage, she experiments in various ways with her fellow contestants. Her husband is simultaneously disgusted by this side of his wife and turned on. He does not quite know how to process Allison's superslut persona.


The other contestants inspire Allison to newer and more daring experimentations, including some indulgence in lesbianism. Some of the practices that Allison indulges in may not be to every reader's tastes, for instance, spanking to the point of shedding blood. This is a work of fantasies, but some of the fantasies walk the line, if they do not cross it.


There is some interesting charm for an American reader to see the use of British slang, including rhyming slang, and crude spoonerisms in the story. For readers interested in a tale of a woman discovering her deepest, darkest sexual fantasies, SUPERSLUT is more than willing to let one more voyeur join in.

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