Surgeon Sheik's Rescue - Sahara Kings Book 4
By Suzie Housley
Mar 30, 2013 - 4:24:59 PM

Sheik Tariq Al Arif was severally injured when his plane was blown up by terrorists.  On that ill-fated day he not only lost his career, but the love of his life.  To protect himself and his royal family it is announced he also perished in the fiery blaze.

Political reporter, Bella DiCaprio,  had been on the scene when the royal prince's plane was bombed. She covered the story exclusively with the help of her boyfriend.  Tariq was no stranger to her; for she had did intense research to write previous articles about his life.

When Bella is terminated from her position at the Washington Daily, her reporter genes refuse to be laid to rest.  She accepts a position working for an underground online blog called Watchdog.  When she discovers evidence that suggests Sheik Tariq could be alive and living in France she ventures to the location in hopes that her lead proves to be true.

Bella uses an alias name and accepts a housekeeper position when she arrives in France.  Through her employer, she learns that the Abby was purchased by a recluse who moved in shortly after Tariq’s accident. Bella makes it a point to travel by the Abby each day.  On one fateful fog filled day, she manages to capture a picture of the owner.  Enhanced computer face detection software confirms that Tariq is indeed alive. 

Will Bella be able to get close enough to Tariq to be able to get the information she needs to reveal his story to the world?  With the information she holds, her life is put in danger; there are those who wish to ensure she never lives to tell all that she knows.  Will Bella be able to survive the madman who threatens to end her life? 

SURGEON SHEIK’S RESCUE provides an adrenalin rush like no other book that you will be able to discover.  Readers be prepared to have your breath took away as you take a back seat and witness all the danger, terror, and shear suspense this book has to offer.  To say this book is a heart stopper is an understatement.  Loreth Anne White, stand up and take a bow, for in this reviewer’s eyes you have created a romantic suspense worthy of high rewards.   SURGEON SHEIK’S RESCUE is a part of the Sahara Kings series; other titles in this addictive action packaged series include:

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