Oh Yum! Surprised by Desire
By Lorelei Mattison
Jun 13, 2008 - 1:34:33 PM

Jason has had his eye on Jenna for quite some time. He knows it could be oh-so-good between them, if only he could just get her to give them a chance. However, Jenna won’t even consider him.  The fact that he’s more than ten years younger turns him on more, instead of turning him off. After countless hours of watching her from afar, he knows that it is time to put a plan into motion to get Jenna in his arms and into her pants. He intends to surprise her by the burning desire she doesn’t even realize she feels for him.

Jenna is more than slightly confused, when she returns home for a family reunion of sorts between her family and their closest family friends. Her mother wants her to marry David, a divorced father of two grown sons, Jason and Garth. Jenna, however, is bewildered by her rampant attraction to Jason, David’s twenty-something son. She knows her attraction is dead wrong because she’s over ten years older than he is, but she can’t deny it. When extenuating circumstances put them in close proximity, age doesn’t seem to matter at all. All that matters is their mutual desire and how fabulous he makes her feel.


SURPRISED BY DESIRE is a sultry short tale that tantalizes, teases, and ultimately fulfills. A hot story about an older woman, a younger sexy man and the heat they create when they come together. The depiction of Jenna and her hesitance to get involved with a younger man is amusing and real, at the same time. Jason’s eager approach to romance is a breath of fresh air.  A quickie romance that is long on heat, chemistry and satisfaction.

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