Surreal Eternity
By Sandra Tibbetts
Nov 30, 2003 - 5:01:00 PM

SURREAL ETERNITY is a story about bigotry, hate and intolerance, but also one of three beautiful love stories.

On the same day five years ago, in Long Island, New York, two families feel the pain and anguish of losing their loved one. Dr. Benjamin Meyer was out for his daily jog when he is hit and killed by a swerving car, leaving his wife, Carole and two sons in a state of stunned grief. Across town, an ambulance was racing towards the Charles Cohen Community Clinic with Sabira Hassan in labor and hemorrhaging badly. Despite the doctor's best effort, Sabira died after delivering a beautiful, healthy little girl; leaving her husband, Muhammed 'Ha-med' Hassan, and her parents to deal with the loss of a wonderful, generous and loving wife and daughter. Each couple had a romantic and wonderful love life, but now they must go on without their loves.

Carole has kept busy with the running of her grandfather's company, which gives money to charities. Ha-med has devoted his life to his daughter, Aneesa and with his work as an architect for the company who had hired him when he first came to America. Neither has had the time or the inclination to find another to love, when fate steps in with these two. Carole and her board of director's have put out bids to renovate the deteriorating Charles Cohen Community Clinic, which her grandfather, a great doctor and smart businessman, had built.

Ha-med's company wins the bid. He and Carole discover that through the years their paths have crossed without either knowing who the other was. The instant attraction, plus Aneesa's affection for Carole, soon has the couple falling in love. But all is not well within each of their communities. The Jews dislike the Arabs and vise versa. There is also a fanatical sheik that is whipping the young Arabs into a frenzy of hatred against the Jewish community. What horrors will happen to two people who only want to love each other? Will this destroy the beauty of their love?

This story, through very well constructed flash backs, tells of the love affairs and life of both couples. The author gives the reader three beautiful love stories, as well as a suspenseful, fast-paced and extremely remarkable story.

Gary Stewart Branfman has shown with SURREAL ETERNITY that indeed, love can build bridges. I enjoyed this exceptionally well-written story and recommend it to anyone who enjoys melodious romance, as well as a dynamic and gripping page-turner. Mr. Branfman can be extremely proud of his first work of fiction.

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