By Beth
Aug 7, 2006 - 8:29:00 AM

Surrender's Dance

Aisa Drake wants to be controlled, wants to be submissive in everyway possible but never has the courage to go through it. Then finally it happens and she isn't sure she can handle it. Zemar, the Lion, takes pride in what he does. He is the best for a reason but then he meets Aisa in person and wants her more than he should.

Surrender's Mask

Philip wants to control Ferren and hires Mayer to do it. It almost works until Mayer gets to know Ferren a little bit better. Mayer has his own dark past that he is trying to over come it and this is his chance. Ferren has her own past as well and wonder's that maybe Mayer is her future.

Surrender By Vonna Harper has two interesting and very intriguing stories in this book. Surrender's Dance and Surrender's Mask. In these stories she tells about a world that is known about but never spoken of. I loved reading about Aisa and how she accepts who and what she is. I loved how she told us about Ferren and how she came to over come the shadows of her past. I hope you enjoyed these two wonderful women as I did.

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