Surrender to Sultry - Sultry Springs series, Book 3
By Dottie
Aug 26, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

Ten years ago, Leah McMahon left Sultry Springs, not even staying for her prom, leaving everyone to wonder why she left. Now she is back to nurse her father, the town pastor, who has just had heart surgery.  Growing up, she had been madly in love with the town bad boy, Colt, but he had broken her heart. Years after leaving town, she became engaged to another man, but that did not work out. She has heard rumors about Colt’s wild life style and is determined to avoid him while she is in town. Leah and her father have told everyone that they had a disagreement and that is why she left town, but that is far from the truth. During her time away, she and her father kept in touch through Skype and though her father is happy to have her home, Leah harbors a secret that she dare not let anyone find out, especially Colt.

When he was younger, Colton Bea had been a wild, reckless juvenile delinquent, stealing hearts as well as cars. Colt had no wish to grow up…until he met Leah. However, falling in with a group of wild boys and peer pressure had ruined that for him. Colt had been devastated when Leah suddenly disappeared, right out of high school, not even attending her prom. He had tried desperately to find her, to no avail. After she left, Colt fell apart and spent his time in a bottle and womanizing, but none of that had helped heal his heart. Now Colt is the town sheriff and has mended his ways, but he has never forgotten the only woman he ever loved.

On patrol, Colt is shocked when he pulls a car over for a minor traffic infraction and discovers the driver is Leah. Seeing Colt again is like stepping back in time as Leah feels the same attraction to him as before, but she knows once he finds out her devastating secret, he will turn his back on her once and for all.


Colt has never forgotten her. Knowing that she will leave town once her father is on the mend, Colt figures he has only six weeks to get Leah to forgive him and hopefully, give him a second chance. He is not about to let her get away a second time, but will her secret destroy any future they may have together?


A flirtatious, yet poignant, tale, SURRENDER TO SULTRY, the latest book in author Macy Beckett’s SULTRY SPRINGS series, is a touching, sensual contemporary romance that is sure to steal the hearts of readers. This story will take readers through a range of emotions, from laughter to tears with a lusty sigh along the way. For Colt and Leah, their hearts have only ever longed for each other, but before they can have a future together; they must overcome some struggles along the way. However, this only serves to make their love for each other stronger. The one thing that never changes is the chemistry that blazes between them and I could not help rooting for them. Secrets, scorching passion, betrayal, small town and family dynamics, tender romance and true love intertwine in this emotion-packed story that will captivate readers from the first page. If you are looking for a heartwarming book with plenty of humor and heat, this is the one for you. Even though this story is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone. I enjoyed this story immensely and look forward to seeing what Ms. Beckett comes up with next. Be sure to pick up a copy of your own. I highly recommend it!


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