Surviving Demon Island
By Brenda Edde
Dec 6, 2006 - 8:01:00 AM

Derek Marks watches the contestants arrive on Demon Island, mentally reviewing their bios and comparing that information to the reality of their attitudes and body language on arrival. As he focuses on Gina, he fights back the immediate attraction to her svelte body and sassy attitude. He isn't here to indulge in what promises to be hot nights between the sheets with the actress but to train all the contestants in survival. Training has to be his first priority, because while the new arrivals believe they are here for a reality show contest, Derek knows that SURVIVING DEMON ISLAND is going to be more than a new television show, it’s going to be a life and death reality.

SURVIVING DEMON ISLAND had me intrigued from the start. From the personal history that all the characters share, to the sadness for the losses that binds them and then cheering them on as they make the transition from reality show contestants to what will prove to be a life long challenge for them all. Ms. Burton has penned a story of action, emotion and simmering passion all of which explodes as Gina, Derek and her fellow contestants battle their way across Demon Island. As they make the transition from what was supposed to be a fun reality show challenge into the reality of what actually lives on the Island with all of it’s inherent dangers, Ms. Burton has you on the edge of your seat with anticipation of the next burst of danger. I have read many stories by this talented author and have to say this is one of her best and as it is the beginning of her Demon Hunter series we have more books to look forward to !!

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