Surviving Mortality
By Dee Herga
Dec 1, 2004 - 2:36:00 AM

***image2***Cally Malloy was shattered when her parents died in a plane crash. She had lost her sister and brother a long time ago. Losing her only remaining family and a fiance, Michael, who dumped her, seemed like the last straw. Yet now, six months later, she is surviving. When she meets a clairvoyant who is actually able to talk and listen to spirits, Cally knows she has to talk to her family. The warnings and the dire situations that her family predicts turn her world upside down. She cannot help but wonder about the two men she was warned about, one a good man and the other a deceitful one. Can she cope with what life throws at her?

Cally decides she needs to take it easy. Meanwhile she thinks of taking up a job. Though a Radcliffe graduate, Cally knows she needs time until she can return to a management job. Being a waitress at Cousin Tommy's seems like the perfect opportunity to get to know people and relax. That is when she meets her high school flame, Nate Smith. He is as handsome as ever and she finds herself captivated by him. Worried about the various sudden incidents such as somebody breaking into her parents' house and then into her house, she turns to Nate, whose profession is private investigation, for help. But, after a while, Nate seems to be interfering in a lot more things than she requested. Cally has no reason to trust him since he had broken her heart in high school. Moreover, she is not sure that he is not the deceitful man that her family warned her about. Who and where is the other man? Can she hope that Nate is her true love?

SURVIVING MORTALITY is a drawn-out erotic adventure that tells the tale of Cally and how she faces the weird circumstances she comes across. Cally is strong, yet sometimes confused and still sane in an intricately tangled situation. This makes her a fascinating role model for all young women. Though Nate is gorgeous and an apt partner for her, it is Cally's show all the way. Cyndi Redding has, very admirably, created a web of lies, secrets and strange occurrences that can surely keep the reader engrossed. There is a continuous eagerness to know what happens next. The passion is oh-so-hot and is guaranteed to satisfy the reader. If you are a person who likes long, hot, tense reads, then SURVIVING MORTALITY absolutely fits the bill.

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