By Scarlet
Mar 28, 2008 - 6:07:50 PM

Grace has learned not to rely on men to stick around when the going gets tough, thanks to her childhood.  Her father walked out when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and Grace has never forgotten.  Knowing her odds are increased for breast cancer, she has taken a vow to herself of celibacy.  But her new boss, Aaron, sparks her interest; he appears to be a genuinely caring person, one she wants to get to know much better.  Though his reputation says otherwise, she sees the man beneath the façade.  As their relationship progresses and Grace has her worst fears confirmed, she knows she must cut things off, but Aaron has other plans.

SURVIVOR is a touching story about a timely topic, breast cancer.  A refreshingly honest drama I was drawn into from the onset.  Grace’s painful memories are realistically presented and her decisions as a result of those memories are logical.  Grace is a strong woman who has been influenced by a painful past.  She is independent and warmhearted and someone you would love to call “friend”.  The blossoming relationship between Grace and Aaron is a beautiful journey, one that is painfully brief before she calls an end to it.  Aaron is a wonderfully noble hero; he loves Grace and is not going to allow her to dictate his feelings.  He is sensitive and kind and refreshingly honest about his intentions.   SURVIVOR is a good solid love story I will gladly tell friends about.


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