Sutcliffe Cove
By Christina
Jul 7, 2009 - 1:49:27 PM

Gerald Saunders is enchanted when he gets his first glimpse of Sutcliffe Cove. Although, the horse farm is located right outside the city, the quiet and open spaces give the impression that one is far from the fast paced life of the city. Gerald is amazed that there is still a place in Connecticut that is still so untouched by civilization.

Brett Sutcliffe loves working his family farm and especially his horses. He also enjoys teaching others to love horses and riding. When Gerald signs on as a new student Brett is charmed by his enthusiasm and delight at riding and working with the horses. Seeing things through the other man’s eyes gives him a new appreciation for his surroundings.


Both men are intensely attracted to one another but neither Brett nor Gerald realizes the other feels the same. As Gerald begins to spend more and more time at Sutcliff Cove he and Brett grow closer and form a strong friendship. Soon neither man can imagine his life without the other in it. Is friendship enough or will they be able to move from simple friendship and make a deeper and more meaningful connection?


Having never been near a horse in my life, I found the insight I gained into riding and the care of horses entertaining. The pace of this story is slow and gentle but it is far from uninteresting. The two heroes are charming. Gerald and Brett are vibrant and full of life. Their connection is touching and intense. SUTCLIFFE COVE by Ariel Tachna and Madeline Urban is a delightful and serene contemporary romance.

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