Sweet Haven - Home Sweet Home series, book 1

Author: Shirlee McCoy

Publisher: Zebra

Release Date: February 23, 2016

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Adeline Lamont loves her small town of Benevolence, Washington, and is the only one of three sisters to make her home here. She has an accounting service that keeps her busy, as well as always trying to help those in need. When her grandfather takes a nasty fall and ends up in the hospital, Adeline is asked to step in and take over running the family store, Chocolate Haven. Not knowing how to make the famous fudge her grandpa makes is a sore spot in Adeline's life. She has to keep the store profiting for her grandpa. On top of that, she has to wear an ugly dress in a wedding she doesn't want to be in and her ornery neighbor that is renting the apartment over the store makes her want to run away from everything.

Sinclair Jefferson has come back to Benevolence against his will to help his brother renovate the family home so that his sister-in-law, who is pregnant, will move back home. Sinclair's family are known drunks in the town and after his parents were killed in a car accident while drunk, it is up to Sinclair to take care of his brother and try to feed and clothe themselves. When Sinclair left town he swore he would never return, but circumstances bring him back. Sinclair has made a living renovating and restoring buildings with a lot of history behind them. Being injured in the service of his country has left him with a bad leg and numerous nightmares to haunt his sleepless nights.

Adeline was left by the man she had planned to share her life with, so she has closed herself off to men and relationships. Sinclair was married but after that ended he swore not to get that close to anyone again. When Adeline and Sinclair feel sparks shooting between them, they do their best to steer clear of each other. In a small town, bumping into each other is something they can't avoid. Sinclair decides he wants to get to know Adeline better but Adeline doesn't want the awful hurt of breaking up to devastate her again.

This novel is about life's struggles and family who work to bring two lost souls together with a little peace thrown in. Getting to know Adeline's family and their history in the town is a story worth reading. Sinclair realizing that the town doesn't hate him like he thought adds that much more meaning to the story and its ending. I believe anyone who enjoys a feel good story will appreciate SWEET HAVEN.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Diana S

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