Sweet Surprise (Sweet Texas #4)

Author: Candis Terry

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: January 27, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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SWEET SURPRISE (SWEET, TEXAS #4) picked up where book three in the series, SOMETHING SWEETER, leaves off with preparations in full swing for Jackson and Abby's wedding.  The Wilders are once again front and center with mom, Jana, and her sons and their wives and significant others but also ex-daughter-in-law, Fiona and her and Jackson's daughter, Izzy.  Sit back and relax with a glass of sweet tea and see what's new and exciting in Sweet, Texas!

Terry's SWEET SURPRISE is Fiona and Mike's story but neither one is looking for love or even to date.  Both have a lot of baggage, family issues and lots of work to keep them busy.  The chemistry is apparent the first time they meet but also every time there after.  Jana is once again playing matchmaker so that she can concentrate on her own life once all her children and even Fiona is settled.  Watching how hard Fiona works to open her cupcake bakery, Sweet Surprise, makes me tired.  On top of that, moving to Sweet and trying to settle in her house and take care of her daughter leaves her no "me" time especially after her car accident.  She's built up a network of family and friends and it's nice to see her interact with her best friend, Sabrina.  Watching her and Mike try to figure out what they are doing and what they mean to each other kept us on our toes and there were plenty of burn up the sheet moments.  There were also a lot of sweet moments where they worked together towards a common goal.  Watching them get closer and begin to rely on each other was heartwarming and throw Izzy in the mix and things really were fun. There were family and friends, heartache, sadness and tears, hard work, dedication, community spirit, laughter, reminisces, lots of loving along with romance and love. The prologue set the stage of what is to come in the book and the epilogue is the icing on the cupcake and gives wonderful closure.  There's a sweet happily ever after that made me sigh and I'm happy to know we'll be back in Sweet, Texas at least once more for TRULY SWEET, BOOK 5 in the series!


Next up for me is the first book in the series, ANYTHING BUT SWEET, since I've now read the second, third and fourth books.  Terry's books are reminiscent to me of the stories written by some of my favorite authors - Susan Mallery, Susan Wiggs, Sherryl Woods, Erin Nicholas and Carly Phillips amongst others because of the strong family ties, depth of the characters, lots of romance and loving and alpha males that are putty in the hands of the woman they love!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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