Sweet And Dirty
By CinLee
Jun 2, 2010 - 5:27:35 PM



After a disaster back home, Michelle Gray flees to Los Angeles and takes a job at a doggie day care, working for a woman named Posh. She had thought it would be a safe, sane job so she wonders how she's been sent to a bondage shop to buy dog collars. When she wanders inside, her senses go in to overdrive at the sight of the customers, along with the toys and paraphernalia up for sale. She ends up in front of a man who was punishing a slave and speaks out of turn, disturbing the scene and setting off a chain of events that lead her to his fetish nightclub.

The young woman in the shop more than intrigues Ro Kaliph. If he’s honest, he would have to admit to being surprised when she shows up that night at his club. He instantly recognizes her as a submissive, but Michelle, who tells him her name is Lizbeth, insists she wants to learn to be a dominant.


A misunderstanding ensues when Michelle’s ex-boyfriend from Alabama shows up, and Ro witnesses a marriage proposal, which he believes she accepts.





After telling her fiancée her deepest secret fantasy, Nora Sabine instantly regrets it in the face of his reaction. She has enough on her mind, contemplating a promotion at work that would require her to be all-work and no play. So she is surprised when Ryan takes her to a B&B for the weekend, which is not a Bed and Breakfast, as she had expected. It is a Bondage and Breakfast Inn.


It is to her horror though when the Inn owner, Sebastian Vincent, is going over her fantasy list with her, and Nora realizes that Ryan signed her up for everything. Added to her discomfiture, is that she is wildly attracted to Sebastian, who has declared himself off limits. What’s a girl to do when the man she wants says she can’t have him?


BARING IT ALL and FORBIDDEN HEAT are two incredible, hot, yet uniquely different tales. Michelle and Ro have a sweeter discovery of one another, despite the BDSM practices that define them. Sebastian and Nora’s story is  more raw and intense and delves deeper in to the world of BDSM play. The heat sizzles off the page. You will definitely want to crank the AC up while reading these.

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