Sweet Devotion

Author: Felicia Mason

Publisher: Steeple Hill

Release Date: February, 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Amber Montgomery had been an abused wife, and fearing for her life, finally escaped from her policeman husband in Los Angeles. She settled in a quiet community in Wayside, Oregon and started a business as a caterer, but remained distant and aloof from most of the residents. She became known as the "Cookie Lady" through her weekly visits to the daycare center where she volunteered as a story reader and handed out her famous cookies to the children.

Police Chief Paul Evans had moved to Wayside to escape the violence of the L.A. streets that had claimed his brother's and sister's-in-law lives. The gangster had been gunning for him, but instead killed his family, and he was now raising his orphaned niece and nephew. When he responded to a disturbance at the community center, Paul had no idea his arresting the caterer would change his life forever. 


When Amber agrees to be the replacement cook for a summer Christian camp, and Paul stays at camp to help his children deal with their fears, both must come face to face with their pasts and each other. Will they be able to help each other confront their fears and learn to love and trust again? Will Paul be able to help Amber turn once again to the Lord when she rejected His love too? 


Felicia Mason has written a wonderful story that gives women hope for life after domestic abuse and shows that one can indeed have a promising future again. The story of Amber's escape from her abusive husband and her quest for healing was very gripping. This is a book I think many women will identify with, and while not all have lived with an abuser, many will have known someone who did. Ms. Mason vividly points out that while physical escape is accomplished, many times the memories and pain of the violence follow them. This novel has a happy ending for Amber, which I wish would be the same for all women in her situation. Ms. Mason deals with a tough topic in a straightforward way and pens a romance I feel will help others. SWEET DEVOTION is the second in a three-book series based on Wayside, Oregon and its residents.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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