Sweet Kiss Of Summer
By Michele Rioli
Aug 10, 2011 - 3:06:03 PM

When life hands you lemons instead of peaches, what should you do? Share a drink with your friends and laugh it up! Ever an optimist, Nina, a pretty brown-eyed artiste', has had her share of bad luck. Her parents died when she was just a young girl. Her aunt took care of her and her brother Walt, until they were old enough to forge on their own. Her brother Walt, a troublemaker in his teens, enlists into the army and is unfortunately killed. He had the presence of mind on his deathbed to write his sister a missive detailing his last wishes. Last wishes dictating that his house was to be bestowed to a man named Mick Rivers. Nina lives in Walt’s house, and she calls it home. The house provides the only memories she has left of her brother, and now she has to give it to a stranger? No way, Jose’! Or is there more to his wish that she doesn’t know about?

More problems lurk in her friendly town. Graffiti artists have been defacing the side wall of a store. The storeowner, Mr. Garcia, enlists Nina to paint a mural on the side of his building, thinking it will keep the vandals away. Nina’s dilemma is she wants to paint a memorial to her brother. However, inspiration is not forthcoming.


This is Nina’s current life, problems and decisions! With the help of her girl friends, the enemy club, maybe she can find a solution to her problems. Enter Mick Rivers, stage right.


Mick Rivers feels like a schmuck…in fact, a big schmuck! His war friend, Walt, wants him to have his house. Just like Walt, always the reckless one. On the other hand, maybe Walt's last thought isn’t so rash. Still Mick’s sister, Bella, is dying from cancer and needs funds badly to pay for her treatments. Mick’s duty is to his family, and he is determined to do things right. Only it sucks to have to take a house away from Walt’s sister. He plans on getting the house as quick as possible, getting the money and helping his sister, but fate steps in faster than you can say Jiminy Cricket. Can’t life be all peaches and cream?


SWEET KISS OF SUMMER is chick lit at its best!  Secrets as big as the Grand Canyon fill the pages of Sophie Gunn’s new novel. This is a poignant war story filled with hard-to-resist characters, stalwart friends, scandal, shenanigans along with a refreshingly mischievous romance. Life suddenly takes a U-turn in Nina Stokes' life one sunny day, when a car shows up in her drive with a handsome male stranger named Mick Rivers, who is there to take Nina’s house, actually her brother’s house, away from her. Mick is the soldier that her brother Walt described in his letter to Nina as he lay dying in a hospital bed. Included are haunting passages of gritty war scenes that author Gunn neatly weaves into the story. Be prepared to have Kleenex nearby as I was drawn to tears several times throughout the story. This story deeply touched my heart! SWEET KISS OF SUMMER is simply divine, like drinking a strawberry margarita on a hot summer day.

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